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Welcome to the Karmatic Diet Book Series

Embark on a transformative journey with "The Karmatic Diet," a distinguished self-help brand presenting a five-book series that unveils the art of life rooted in ancient wisdom dating back to the dawn of existence. This meticulously crafted series offers keys to unlock profound mysteries, delving into the human and spiritual experience from a scientific foundation.

Discover a tangible method to rise above suffering, adapt, and grow while unlocking hidden abilities. The Karmatic Diet series serves as a roadmap through the holographic omniverse—a captivating parallel to a video game—offering intriguing hacks for an enriched life experience.

These guidebooks transcend traditional boundaries, breaking down the construct of the material world to reveal a transformative path. Gain a deeper understanding and emotional intelligence to navigate the complexities of existence.

As your guide, I am committed to revealing the unseen by providing tangible tools for your journey. The series not only demystifies the unseen aspects of life but also empowers you with a roadmap for self-discovery within the holographic omniverse. It's an invitation to unlock your hidden potential and navigate the intricacies of existence with newfound understanding.

Embark on this transformative journey with "The Karmatic Diet" series and unlock the secrets to rise above suffering and navigate the vastness of the omniverse. Download your guidebooks to a enriched life today. Your transformative journey awaits.

The Karmatic Diet is for non-profit, making this book series a project of love and charity. 

The books of this series are for purchase but are also available to read on this website as a free gift as they become published (to read any of the books listed on this site follow the read now links). 

Karmatic Diet - Karma(tic)

Karma - the action of cause and effect

Tic - a persistent or recurrent behavioral trait

Diet - Lifestyle change of a series of activities

which one participates in that improves overall health.



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The Diet for Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit

quantum space

The Universal Playing Field

The Universal Playing Field, essentially a book of threads, is a journey of discovery into the threads that weave the tapestry of the verses. This book explicates, through an in-depth analysis, the micro and macro of creation in its expansion and contraction, bringing to light a deep understanding of the underlying language and coding of the omniverse.

I break down some of the many kingdoms, realms, planes and dimensions in a relatable manner that is easily understood.

Illustration of  a path with a crossroad, the left the rollercoaster of life. the right a path with the universe opening up
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The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within

The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within continues the journey through the omniverse tapestry, focusing with elucidation on the 108 monsters within. These pages illuminate that the darkness within, or monsters, are that which has yet to be illuminated by awareness.

This guide helps the reader transcend their understanding of the universe and how everything shares a balanced connection, right down to an individual's emotional state.

The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within book cover
Illustration ad for the book release of Dark Kingdom 108 Minsters Within

Ever found yourself adrift in the sea of life, yearning for a greater purpose that seems just out of reach?

Embark on a transformative journey guided by ancient knowledge, a series crafted to unravel the mysteries dating back to the genesis of creation. Transcend the confines of the material world and delve into the intricate threads that compose the very fabric of our universe.

Satisfy the lingering doubt in your mind with a unique blend of spirituality rooted in the precision of science and math.

This isn't just a journey; it's a recalibration of your inner workings, enabling you to navigate through both tangible and intangible realms.

Start from the basics, shedding false structures and breaking self-made barriers. Surpass expectations and satiate the curiosity that resides within you. Uncover the unseen and master techniques that guide you through the complexities of this holographic omniverse.

Your journey begins with a simple step, and the key to the universe is now within your grasp. Step into the realm where the extraordinary becomes attainable, and the unknown transforms into the known. Your path to understanding, fulfillment, and self-mastery awaits—take that first step today.

Our website's vitality and the continuation of our mission depend on individuals like you. Your support through donations and book purchases enables us to cover the substantial fees involved in the production and publication processes. Our commitment is to make these valuable materials accessible to all seekers, fostering the development of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional intelligence to alleviate suffering and cultivate inner peace.

If you resonate with our mission and find value in our offerings, we invite you to explore our books or contribute through donations. Your support plays a pivotal role in ensuring that this transformative information remains freely available to those on their journey of personal development. Join us in empowering individuals to unlock their true potential and discover the path to lasting peace.


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