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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within 

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

Book Cover of The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within
Unilome Ouroboros Dragon

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - School for Ego-based Life

Chapter 2 - Our Personal Energetic Grid

      The Chakras and Nadis System
Chapter 3 - The Monsters Within

      The 108 Monsters Within A - Z

      Divisions of the 108
Chapter 4 - Emotions


      Group Emotion

      Emoting Emotions


      Suffering, a Path to Self-Awareness

      Emotional Welling

      Emotional Harnessing

      A Warning!



      Neutral or Numb: The Equanimous Mind

      Emotional Intelligence

      Drugs and the Emotional Roller Coaster

      Notable Empathy Killer
Chapter 5 - The Senses

      Some Additional External Senses

      Dissolving or Withdrawal of the Senses
Chapter 6 - Engaging the Darkness Within
Chapter 7 - ‘Sitting with the Devil’ Meditation
Chapter 8 - Energetic Entity Removal and Defense

      Technique 1: Clearing

      Technique 2: Self-Illumination

      Technique 3: Starving the Entities over Time

      Technique 4: Location

      Technique 5: Breath

      Technique 6: Mindfulness

      Technique 7: Grounding

      Technique 8: Stillness Meditation

      Technique 9: Acupuncture

      Technique 10: Dissolving the Senses – Pratyahara

      Technique 11: A Tool to Combat Night Terrors

      Technique 12: Mala beads

      Technique 13: Hemi-Sync and Other Audio Techniques
      Technique 14: Primal Roar

      Technique 15: Movement

      Technique 16: Virtue

      Technique 17: Chanting

      Technique 18: Tree Meditation

      Technique 19: Intention Shield

      Technique 20: Yantras

      Technique 21: No Enemy, No Self Technique

      More Tools to Develop

      Defining a Full Meditation
Chapter 9 - Sorcery
Chapter 10 - Conclusion

108 Monsters Within Glossary


This book is part of a series to help you understand the mysteries

of the universe and beyond. Be mindful that the information in the book is likely to trigger noticeable changes in your perception, especially if you are new to these topics.

Note, too, that you may receive some pushback from friends and loved ones when they observe such changes in you, or when you begin to discuss what you have learned.

This is all natural and normal, demonstrating that you are growing perceptually, expanding your knowledge horizon. There is nothing to fear in this shift.

You may also feel as though you are leaving loved ones behind when you grow to accept the universe’s mysteries as I present them in this book.

The topics about which you are reading will feel alien to friends and family—and probably uncomfortable to discuss. Suddenly, you have a new set of favorite topics and study areas in which no one around you seems to share much interest. They may even see your

interest as some passing fad. They may feel you have ‘lost the plot’! No matter. The more you immerse yourself, the more likely your fresh and open mindset will attract many new and fascinating experiences to transcend any worries about others’ opinions, enhancing

your depth of understanding and your fascination to keep on growing.

Ultimately, you will reach a stage where you can be still and at ease with all your learnings, irrespective of the input of those around you.

I mention all this now to prepare you for that learning path and these likely questions from others. You may even find your own mind pushing back a little. Don’t let it persuade you that the topics are too incredible to accept or not relevant.

Remain open-minded and inquiring.

Forge ahead anyway.

You will be surprised by the amazing truths you will encounter in this book—and by the extent to which they come to change your worldview.

I also recommend that you reflect on the information slowly, re-reading the book a second or a third time because you will gain a greater level of awareness each time you read it.

Last, I will be using the term ‘one’, ‘we’ or ‘ourselves’, but this could be substituted for ‘you’ or ‘yourself’. Our languages can never satisfactorily convey that which is outside the realms of most people’s experience.

Therefore, while ‘you’ are working from the individual perspective, I encourage you to see yourself and others as deeply connected, to see we are all one family. I exist in you. You dwell in me. We are One and in One.

If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.[2]

~ Rene Descartes


Illustration of the book the Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within

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