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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within 

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

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The Senses

Your senses help you to interpret and understand the world around you.

In this chapter, I will go into how the senses represent an avenue for the 108 aspects of ego to attach to, as well as reinforcing an illusion. In the words of Albert Einstein, reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.


In addition, I shall introduce you to how you can move past reactionary and emotional states to unlock your innate abilities. Beyond the six primary senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing, and mind), we have additional senses and perceptions.

We need to dive in, learning about the senses to embrace and learn comfortability in discomfort, bringing neutrality to the senses to assist in equanimity to the emotional states and states of ego; this is in place of the reactionary process of caving in to the senses and or emotional desires or disturbances.

Understanding the link between the senses and emotions is a vital component in seeing through the illusion. The senses also act as binders to the 108 states of ego and identification with those states solidifying the material world.

These arising energetic impressions are either internally or externally generated to be positive/pleasant or negative/painful with varying degrees in between, through to the neutral/equanimous state. These sensations can keep us enslaved in longing for preferred
stimuli from the senses—the tempting joys or craved experiences.
This is sense desire. The pleasure and joy arising within us depend on the six strands of sense desire.

Example of sensual pleasure:

Just as the taste of a pleasant fruit can quickly shift from enjoying the flavor at the moment and consuming one a day, to longing for the fruit and developing an insatiable desire, so too can attachments compound quickly and dangerously. This occurs in respect of all the different attachments ranging from pleasant to unpleasant ones, and at the worst end of the scale, such attachments can grow to addictions leading to self-abuse and the abuse of others, as well as to addiction in defilement.

An additional sense that is felt but often overlooked is the sense of morality, the so-called moral compass; very few speak or write about this these days as though it is no longer relevant.
Perhaps that is the case for most people; the self-centered drive for sensual pleasure has instilled in us (humans as a whole) that we somehow deserve to use and abuse people and situations to get our own wants and needs met. This is where the moral compass has
been eroded for many.


The sense of morality is an invisible line that we know when we are about to cross it, or have crossed it, as it is connected to the gut instinct or intuition. Yet still we do it—especially if we believe we will get away with it. When you first start crossing those moral lines distinguished by moral sense, it is awkward and uncomfortable.
There will usually be initial doubts about committing any act that crosses the moral compass divide. Then slowly, over time and if you keep crossing that line, the line erodes. You become desensitized to crossing the invisible line delineated from the moral compass. An awareness of the line crossed is still there in the deeper recesses of the mind, but it is no longer effective or persuasive. Self-gratification has taken the place of moral good judgement.

The morality sense allows you to know when you are going to engage in an energy leak that will need addressing at some point, to seal the vessel from such future leaks by dissolving yourself from the aspect of ego.

Some Additional External Senses
Our internal and external senses list is extensive. Here are a few additional senses we use:

- Intuition - A sense of knowing, an instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. The feeling stems from the gut, hence the term gut instinct. Intuition is a warning device and a great companion. Many who run into lots of issues in life have disconnected from this sense. It is still there; some just do not listen to or use it.

- Temperature - A sensation of both cold and heat.

- Balance - Equilibrioception responsible for at least two, if not more senses, those of angular momentum acceleration and linear acceleration (which also senses gravity).

- Sense of direction.

- Proprioception - This kinesthetic sense provides the parietal cortex of the brain with information on the movement and relative positions of the body.


Science these days has named over thirty senses; again, these are but a few of them. The more you dive into the subtleties, the more they will uncover for themselves.

Dissolving or Withdrawal of the Senses

Dissolving or withdrawal of the senses and learning to move past the reactionary emotional and sensational states is an ancient practice unlocking innate abilities dormant within each of us.

Pratyahara, a limb in traditional yoga, is dedicated to sense withdrawal, dissolving of the senses to move past these states to reach a state of immersion. It is an art to gain mastery over external influences from a position of harnessed hyper-awareness or withdrawal of the senses, thus empowering you to break free of being reactionarily controlled by the external world. These practices allow you to open new areas of awareness. For instance, if you sit in silence and explore inner subtleties, you may eventually come across the vibrations, the sound of blood pumping through the veins and arteries, or the heartbeat in the stomach,
chest, or head.

There are things not always in our awareness but which are always there, and when external things are tuned out and the internal is tuned in or tuned out, each new subtlety witnessed, becomes a new awareness. In turn, this allows you to become progressively more in tune with your body. Eventually, you become immersed in the witnessing, which is usually consistent with singular sight (engagement) in the focus of immersion, localizing one’s consciousness.

To be able to live with but rise above the entities of the 108 is an aspect of pratyahara, learning to dissolve the senses for the development of equanimity. The equanimous mind rises above beings of ego, freeing one of independent self, dissolving mental labyrinths
and crushing false belief structures that shackle the mind.


If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the
power to revoke at any moment.[50]

~ Marcus Aurelius

I go over a multitude of practices of pratyahara in the book Dissolving Reality Through Dissolving the Senses. Both this book and Dissolving Reality Through Dissolving the Senses are manuals for various aspects of pratyahara. Long-term transcendental-type chanting meditations or pratyahara practices induce the two hemispheres of the brain to sync, being coined hemi-sync.

These meditation techniques work in intense and protracted single-pointed concentration, which is remaining present with the intent and experience.

For example, prolonged chanting or other forms of immersion ultimately result in a lowered heart rate.
This sacred vibration emanates from the fluids in the heart, resonating to the lungs and to the fluids in the head, toning or tuning the body which then syncs the two hemispheres of the brain to that tone, activating the middle brain; this means activating the highest spiritual center of the physical body to create a spiritual awakening, stages of en-lighten-ment, a spiritual condition referred to as atonement (a-tone-ment or a-tune-ment).


Key takeaways:


- The senses are an avenue for the 108 aspects of ego to attach as well as reinforce an illusion. Understanding the link between senses and emotions is vital to see through the illusion.

-Dissolving or withdrawal of the senses with practices such as pratyahara can help to unlock innate abilities lying hidden within each one of us.
-Learning to dissolve the senses is vital to develop equanimity. The equanimous mind can rise above ego, free of false belief structures.

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