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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

Book cover for The Universal Playing Field
Illustration of Unilome Dragon

Table of Contents


This book is part of a series to help you understand the mysteries of the universe and beyond. The information this book contains may trigger a considerable change in your perception, especially if you are new to the topic. I recommend that you reflect on the information slowly and re-read the book a second or a third time—perhaps even re-reading each chapter as you go along, before re-reading the whole several times—because you will gain a greater level of awareness each time you read it.
In this book, I will be using the term ‘one’ or ‘oneself’, but this could be substituted for ‘you’ or ‘yourself’. While ‘you’ are working from the individual perspective, I encourage you to see yourself and others as deeply connected.
We are all one family. I exist in you, and you in me.
We are One and in One.


Illustration of the book cover the Universal Playing Field

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