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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

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Chapter Nine


decorative illustration of singular eye

Consciousness is pure potentiality: the spoken word of God, the origin (sound/frequency/vibration). In the beginning, God spoke and created light, making sound pure potentiality, as sound is the programmer of light, and light a result of localized consciousness directed from the quantum to become and/or relay information(matter). This is achieved through the quantum nerves of the omniverse manifesting energy fields, coherent fields of information in a cloud of potential energy, spatially extending in a holographic relationship between exteriors and interiors. The weaved quantum fabric of the verses.

      Since it is the totality, so are you, making it so you can localize to any aspect of it, and even create (manifest) anything and everything.

      Atoms are similar in also being pure potentiality, as the nucleus of an atom is a manufacturer of light by means of being a super conductor in heating through the means of sound/vibration. Then atoms enter a cooling process in which the two extreme temperatures create a gas which when it cools, phases into crystal photon packs (light packets). These are then programed by sound. Both consciousness and the nucleus of an atom control particle creation and destruction, as well as biology.


“Atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”

- Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize-winning physicist; pioneer of quantum mechanics) [48].


Just as an atom can appear and disappear, be and not be at the same time, both consciousness and atoms are the basic building blocks of potentiality. Consciousness is this potentiality which may be localized into identification, which can materialize nonmatter into matter, or from matter back into nonmatter, for it is both and neither at the same time. How can this be? Well, we have the multitude of verses making up the omniverse, contained inside a vessel as I’ve crudely described, the whole song, or the virtual reality program in a computer. And this is coming from an instrument, a source; this is the source.

      The projection and grid of the 8x8 light and sound, the positive and negative energy making up the electric and electromagnetic fields with consciousness and soul along with binary coding, this being is its emanating ‘source’, the supreme light of which we all are the projected shadows.

      Let me further assist by removing a veil.

      Imagine a blazing sphere of brilliant, bright beaming energy that fills all space in a vessel. This sphere represents the cosmic all emanated light.

      Now imagine the emanating light blocked by a thick screen right in the middle of the containing vessel. Further imagine multitudes of tiny pinholes in the screen, each allowing light to shine through each of the individual pinholes.

      From an exoteric viewpoint of the uninitiated, each pinhole of light appears distinct and unique. The esoteric perspective looks behind the screen and understands that all of the individual lights are but rays from a single source.

      A creature’s soul is like one glimmering light in that screen’s field of stars, this individual-seeming expression of the universal consciousness, once a unique entity and yet part of the common soul of the multiverse.


“With every effort of will toward purification and unity with that `Self-god,'

one of the lower rays breaks and the spiritual entity of

man is drawn higher and ever higher to the ray that supersedes the

first, until, from ray to ray, the inner man is drawn into the one and

highest beam of the Parent-Sun.”

- H.P. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine II-110 [49].


Consciousness is a word thrown around in a regurgitated fashion without proper deep understanding of its meaning. This word is as multi-layered as its meaning.

      Consciousness is all that is all, even though some aspects of this conscious whole have put up veils to a state of illusion of separation. There is no separation. We are that that makes up consciousness, though you hid this from you.

      Consciousness in today’s most used definition is to be awake and or aware, as to awake from a slumber. When one is sleeping and wakes up, they become conscious. Or when one realizes in a dream that they are dreaming, they have become consciously aware that they are in the dream realm.

      By focusing on the material world or the labyrinth of the mind, and never taking the time to even become aware of what is happening within oneself, many have become stuck in that they have chosen to have the conscious watcher identify with the physical, which solidifies the abstract into a box, so to speak.

      This setting limits where there are no limits, as it is consciousness that has materialized the physical rather than the physical creating consciousness.    Consciousness is evolving through an internal evolution of the spirit, rather than consumption of external distractions and earthly defilements.

      On the material and mental planes of existence, the more we rid ourselves of the monkey mind, the more time we have to heighten and live in the moment with curiosity and childlike wonder.

      The less we attach a positive or negative to emotions and the senses, and just are with them and experience them for what they are, ephemeral, then you are able to use your time to see past or into the material aspects. Thus becoming more conscious and aware. Therein, your awareness rises.

      On the ‘astral plane’, we have the ability to travel with our astral body, but many of us have yet to experience this or learn to harness it properly. The more you train yourself in this, the more conscious you become in this area. This is a form of localizing consciousness, but not fully as it is still in a separated state.

      When the third eye (singular eye) opens and you start traveling the micro, macro and beyond with directed intention, you are localizing your consciousness.

      On the ‘psychic plane’, the more neutrality and non-judgement we learn to live with, the more we are able to harness psychic abilities to be able to hear in one another's heads and put our own thoughts into another's head (telepathy).

      The more this is practiced and being harnessed, the more conscious, aware, and awake you are to it.

      This goes for all the planes. There are lessons—in layers like an onion—to be peeled away one by one, slowly becoming more conscious as each is peeled away.


“It's one of the most indispensable things to do if one wants to succeed in having self-control and even a limited self-knowledge: to be able to localise one's consciousness and move it about in the different parts of one's being, in such a way as to distinguish between one's consciousness and one's thoughts, feelings, impulses, become aware of what the consciousness is in itself. And in this way one can learn how to shift it: one can put one's consciousness in the body, put it in the vital, put it in the psychic (that's the best place to put it in); one can put one's consciousness in the mind, can raise it above the mind, and with one's consciousness one can go into all the regions of the universe.

But first of all one must know what one's consciousness is, that is, become conscious of one's consciousness, localise it.”

  • Sri Aurobindo, Mother, Our Many Selves: Practical Yogic Psychology [50].


What is localizing consciousness?

To start, it is bringing consciousness to a focal point, where the two hemispheres of the brain sync up, activating the middle brain and engaging the third eye (singular eye) to open, where consciousness becomes a vehicle of sight. A Sovereign citizen pass to travel the omniverse. Then it progresses from there.


Localizing Consciousness

Some very direct common practices for localizing consciousness are focusing on the end of one’s nose, between the eyes, with eyes closed. Or with eyes open, staring at a single candle flame, or at the empty space right in front of you for extended amounts of time. With daily or twice daily practice, it could take months or years and usually does not happen during one of these focused meditations. It often happens when one is not even trying to do it; one just slides into it, though it was the practice that led to the aligned state.


States of Consciousness

There are four states of consciousness to speak about within this structure we are in, that can be described in four different ways: Deep sleep, sleep, waking, and orgasm, all states available inside the system (matrix).

      Let us say, for example, that you entered a virtual reality program where you could sleep and be ‘awake’ in a virtual reality simulator:


  • When you slept in the virtual reality and could not tell when you were in the dream state, you would be in what would be called deep sleep.

  • When you were asleep in the virtual reality but knew you were dreaming (lucid dreaming), this is a sleeping state. The sleeping state also encompasses being awake in the system but not aware that one is in a virtual reality, by being fully convinced by the projected illusion.

  •  When you wake to the realization that you are in a virtual reality program, that is the waking state—which is still like the dream state, just a dream state above deep sleep—this is called being in the state of waking.


How Can You become Awake in a Virtual Reality program?

      We cannot physically wake inside the seed of the actual mind in a VR program. If you are in VR, and ‘woke’ to the fact you were in a VR. It would be just that, then you would need to learn the design of the construct to learn the way out.

      With this realization that you are in a dream state, you can learn to manipulate the waking world the same way you can the lucid world to different degrees. To wake up, you physically would need to eject from the VR program itself, becoming unplugged by completely removing your consciousness out of the VR program (matrix) altogether.

      Waking outside of the program is to awaken.

      Another duality to ‘awakening’ is to ‘awaken within’ the matrix by exploring the levels it has to offer in awareness of what is, in order to fully eject out without being injected back in, as I have found.

      This virtual reality is like that of a video game, with levels that must be conquered.    These higher levels can be attained during life, and the idea that you must die to reach them is false.

      These higher phases are accessed by changing your vibrational frequency and tuning in to other key frequencies (phases), such as the Golden Kingdom, where the inhabitants live in equanimity. When you step outside of equanimity, your vibrational frequency changes, ejecting you from that kingdom into one that matches the resonating frequency. As this tunes your channel, this is less like tuning a channel and having a new kingdom appear, and more like tuning your channel to appear in that corresponding kingdom’s resonating frequency.

      If every one of us cleansed ourselves of the aspects of ego on this vibrational phase, the Dark Kingdom would cease to exist, as there would no longer be a need for it. But it does, so here we are.

      The possibility of being leveled up in the VR game or to awaken within the Matrix is resigning to the endless possibilities that you can access all that there is to offer inside the system of this omniverse, using the system to reach the higher levels, and developing higher awarenesses as is the design of this virtual reality system, as well as to advance the program’s firmware which could be seen as evolving spiritual DNA.


“Duality is not merely a philosophy; it is a physical state of being as well. The very atoms that make up our cells are based on positive and negative charges whose opposition sustains a certain life-form. Lipton has coined the phrase the ‘biology of consciousness’ to summarize the transformational idea that living organisms, including humans, rather than being empirical givens, are actually malleable thought-forms. In other words, adopting a quantum perspective, we are basically waves that only cohere as particles through an act of consciousness. By changing our consciousness, we change our physical form and functioning.”

  •  Sol Luckman, [51].


Conscious Realm

The conscious realm is the ‘We’ collective consciousness, the binary code, vibrational resonance sound, that has created the light and darkness that hold our multiverses together. This is commonly referred to as the ‘Watcher!’ If you are not your body, or your thoughts, what is?


Mind, Spirit, and Consciousness

The mind, the spirit/soul and the consciousness are three separate things.

      The spirit lives within us and can be grown and strengthened.

      The mind is separate from the spirit and the consciousness; you can learn to become a ‘Watcher’ of your mind, watching how your mind works at a distance and allowing it to do what it does, learning to become unattached to the thoughts as they pass through, learning that they're not really yours. Later, by learning to watch your mind, you can learn to control the mind with proper tools and discipline rather than having you be run by your ‘monkey mind’ in impulsivity.

      Consciousness, we will call that our ‘Piece of God’.

      If you are not your thoughts, or your physical body, what are you?


“I am not my body, nor do I need it. I am the witness only. I have no shape of my own. You are so accustomed to think of yourself as bodies having consciousness that you just cannot imagine consciousness as having bodies. Once you realize that bodily existence is but a state of mind, a movement in consciousness, that the ocean of consciousness is infinite and eternal, and that, when in touch with consciousness, you are the witness only, you will be able to withdraw beyond consciousness altogether.”

- Nisargadatta Maharaj [52].


We could read a book like this, internalize the knowledge and really get no growth because experience is not applied. But if it becomes a practice, just simply a way of life, you become the path.

      Becoming conscious is a layered process; one does not become enlightened all at once, though one’s ego—if fully distilled—undergoes a full shift.

      As a simple example of developing new awarenesses, one could have back pain and think that it was muscle pain due to location, and due to tightened and swollen muscles in the area. It could be mild and one could let it go on for a long time and then it gets worse. And the person goes to see a doctor and he enlightens them to the fact that it wasn’t their muscles, rather it was a kidney problem affecting the muscles.

       So, in fact they had kidney pain that imposed muscle pain instead, and in that, they reached a deeper level of awareness. But it wasn’t until they dove a little deeper to see past the surface and became conscious and aware, that they saw the two were connected. As we will find with all things, the more we peel back the layers of consciousness, developing new levels of awarenesses.

Key takeaways:

  • Consciousness is pure potentiality.

  • We are the unified whole identifying as a separated state.

  • We are in a holographic virtual reality.

  • To awaken to the perception of being in a virtual reality is to enter a waking state.

  • Conscious growth is a layered process.

  • Localizing consciousness is access to your Sovereign citizen pass to travel the omniverse.

The Universal Playing Field book cover

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