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Illustration of an angel and demon reflecting each other in the duality of the polarities into one.
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About the Author

Embark on an illuminating journey with Malakhiyah, a distinguished author and coach dedicated to imparting the profound knowledge and wisdom derived from extensive training with masters worldwide.

Malakhiyah's Karmatic Diet series integrates diverse cultures, practices, and disciplines, including martial arts, yoga, qigong, meditation, breathwork, plant medicine, gnosis, and emotional healing. Pioneering tried-and-true practices, he lays the foundation for intentional mental, physical, and spiritual evolution.

Guiding seekers to unveil their hidden abilities, Malakhiyah illuminates the intricate world of mind, emotion, and senses. Join him in constructing a stable foundation for the path ahead, revealing the bigger picture.

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The name Mál'akhîyah, meaning 'my messenger, my angel' in Sanskrit and Hebrew, serves as a position rather than a mere title. Born Matthew Waters, Malakhiyah transcends sects and religions, identifying as a spiritual being navigating a human experience. The name transformation reflects a rebirth, a profound shift in awareness on the stage of life.

Malakhiyah's lifelong quest for understanding and assembling the puzzle of existence has shaped his journey. With an early curiosity about our place in the cosmos, he dedicated his life to exploring divine knowledge and wisdom, culminating in the creation of these transformative books.

His extensive training in internal and external arts, starting at age three under his father's guidance, led to induction into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Teacher of the Year in 2014. The roller coaster of life propelled him to explore paths of liberation, culminating in a deeper understanding shared in these books—a compilation of his life's work.

Enlightenment, once perceived as an ultimate childhood goal, evolved into a pursuit of understanding the intrinsic design of the human body. Malakhiyah's journey, documented in the Karmatic Diet series, is a personal guidebook to enlightenment and a legacy for future generations.

These journals, initially written for personal reflection and future generations, are now extended to you. Malakhiyah's promise to share valuable wisdom, ease suffering, and spread awareness compels him to illuminate the obscured messages in life's book.

As a lamppost lighting the path, Malakhiyah emphasizes that his identity is of little importance. Instead, focus on developing the Christ state within and connecting with the Source of Creation. Join this written and illustrated journey to decipher the profound truths within and become the guru of your own Karmatic Diet. As Oscar Wilde aptly put it, "There is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future." What matters is your development and connection with the Source.

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About the Karmatic Diet 

Embark on a transformative odyssey with the Karmatic Diet, a profound series designed to unlock your highest potential and guide you through the intricate tapestry of existence. If you've ever questioned your purpose, felt a void despite efforts for positive change, or struggled to find tangible tools for self-improvement, this series is your gateway to mastering mind and body.

I, too, traversed the maze of false beliefs and self-imposed barriers, unveiling the principles encapsulated in this series. It's not merely about gaining something new; it's a profound journey of finding and de-programming limiting structures that once held me captive.

This series shares my personal odyssey, shedding light on the emotional intelligence needed to conquer obstacles, overcome physical challenges, and liberate oneself from overwhelming emotions. The Karmatic Diet is not just a series; it's a transformative path toward discovering genuine purpose, inner peace, and profound connections.

My journey from deep depression to a life filled with peace attests to the transformative power within these pages. The Karmatic Diet series unfolds practices that allowed me to listen to my body's needs, releasing tensions, and embracing joy.

As your guide, I take you on a journey to dissolve the material world through the senses, unlock the mysteries of creation, and delve into the war between darkness and light. Rooted in ancient knowledge, the Karmatic Diet serves as a roadmap to rise above suffering, offering hacks and abilities through practices like breathing, dissolving, and more.

This isn't just spiritual alchemy; it's the gnosis, providing awareness of humanity's true divine nature beyond religious confines. The series explores the human and spiritual experience scientifically, simplifying the structure of the universe from micro-quantum to macro multiverse levels, illustrated and demonstrated using math.

Here are the transformative books in the Karmatic Diet series:

  1. The Universal Playing Field

    • Unravel the tapestry of creation, explore micro and macro aspects of existence, and understand the language and coding of the omniverse.

  2. The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within

    • Focus on the 108 monsters within, guiding you to transcend understanding of the universe, balance emotional states, and employ simple techniques for mental wellness.

  3. Dissolving the Material World through Dissolving the Senses

    • Dedicate yourself to dissolving the material world through sensory practices, exploring pratyahara, breathing techniques, and meditations for mind and body mastery.

  4. Golden Kingdom - the Karmatic Diet

    • Devote yourself to soul food and moral virtue, discovering a Karmatic diet that nourishes the soul, mind, and body, while strengthening the energetic body and sealing energy leaks.

  5. The Body and the Martial Way

    • Delve into suppressed information about the body, uncover the medicines of the earth, and explore internal and external arts for improved health, longevity, and self-defense techniques.



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We are One, In One, I am a humble servant.

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