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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

The Universal Playing Field book cover

School for Ego-based Life


I believe if you truly reflect on the grand scale of what we are part of in all its glory and magnitude, limited to the imagination of consciousness, it would be difficult not to fall to your knees in reverence and awe. With the blinders of the material world, we tend to see through a monoscopic lens!

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” - Alan Alda, [5].


To understand why things are happening the way they do, and the big life ‘why?’ questions, I believe it may first be easier to understand what is happening. Then, the why will start to unfold. This first book is to level the playing field of awareness. It is a guide to broaden awareness of how interconnected everyone and everything is, breaking down and dissecting our known universe and diving deeper into some of the commonly unknown.

      This first book is not the book of navigation tools, but rather a book to create awareness of our situation and of what we are navigating through, a multiverse in which we are either imprinters or we become imprinted upon, where our planet is just an atom or a drop of water in a sea amongst endless amounts of other seas, and where you are an entire world.

      This book is the layout of the playground of our universe (verse).

      It is not a complete map, but a beginner’s map to better understand the structure and part of the game afoot so the tools that are provided later can be utilized properly with conscious awareness.

      Becoming conscious and aware is like peeling layers off an onion one at a time. For with each truth we uncover comes a new level of awareness which we can start using consciously.

      These books are organized journals of my journey, seeking answers to some of the biggest questions and pursuing mastery of the body, mind, and connection with spirit. The things I have learned and unveiled will be shared so that you may walk away with a better understanding of the construct of which we are a part. And this way, you can better navigate it. I found an appropriate name for them: the Karmatic Diet.

      This series is based on ancient knowledge dating back to the beginning of existence and it is full of keys to unlock the great mysteries, being guidebooks for life and the afterlife by breaking down the essence of the construct of the material world, also showing how to rise out of it, and out of the aspects of suffering.

      You may be wondering—how I can do this with any certainty?  Well, I will show you!        I will share the first time I accessed vision of an aspect of the outer worlds, which I will also refer to as the micro or macrocosms throughout the book. I will take you along parts of my journey so you can see how I learned this, what I mean and how I got here.  I was a different person, desperately seeking a character change, purpose, and direction. I wasn’t a very good person either and my words were like daggers. I was not familiar with virtue, nor was I in tune with my moral compass. I was, however, continuously seeking out knowledge and applying and trying different things!

      I didn’t even know how to be honest with myself or anybody else.

      Frankly, I was emotionally inept.

      I was married to the most amazing woman; she was my angel. But I had a vacuous pit in me, the overwhelming feeling that something was missing. I did everything I could think of to try to fill it, but nothing worked. Nothing helped alleviate my feeling of great emptiness, a bottomless void.

      I and the people around me suffered, most regrettably my wife at the time.

      I prayed for help!

      Then one day, I was with a couple of friends and my wife at the time, and one of my friends pulled out this dried plant called salvia divinorum. He asked me if I wanted to try it? I was curious as to what something from a tobacco store could do! So, I tried it. There I was, smoking this stuff out of a pipe. I took a big inhale, and held it... It was harsh on the lungs and not very pleasant-tasting, though that thought disappeared quickly as the next thing I knew, I had gone astral. My spirit had been ejected out of my physical body like someone, or something had hit the eject button.

      (I had experienced it before purposefully, so I knew what the experience was.)

      This time, however, I was not at the wheel as I was astral projected far from my physical body as I took off into space quite literally.

      It seemed as though I went past several galaxies in seconds, appearing abruptly in a hallway with a woman standing with her back to me.

      As she turned around, I could see she was very appealing, tall with platinum-blonde hair, a kind, warm and loving face.

      She looked at me with an expression of surprise, and said:

      “Greetings, you don’t belong here yet! But, since you are here, I will share with you something. You’re doing it wrong! You went there for a purpose, and you need to figure it out! Take this! Truth, respect and nurture life, understand the polarities! You only have two chances left!”

      I was speechless. She then smiled lovingly and moved her left hand up from her side and waved it right to left in front of me, and just then, I was propelled back into my body so forcefully that I fell back from where I had been sitting!

      Needless to say, that was the day my perception changed from whimsically going through life practicing different arts and self-discipline, to where I felt I had to dedicate my time to understand what I was a part of and what might be my purpose here.

      I kept thinking about what the woman in the hallway had said to me. It gave me a sense of urgency.

      It was a rough road; I mean it was the roller coaster of life and all! And I had really dug myself deep! Truth! She said truth! That is so long forgotten in our current society, I realized I did not even know how to be honest with myself.

      This really got me started on contemplating and witnessing the lies I was telling to others and to myself, seeing many of the lies now that I was becoming self-aware. I witnessed myself now from more of a second- or third-party perspective in my mental and physical interactions. I would see lies that I couldn’t even stop from coming out from my mouth, so natural were they—and oftentimes, so pointless.

      So, I started working on catching and stopping myself from even letting a lie cross my lips, and some would still slip through. So, when I would catch those after the fact, I started going back to whomever if I could, then correcting myself and telling the truth to them, cleaning the slate, creating freshness between us in place of my untruth.

      Many of the truths I was facing were things that my wonderful wife at the time was unaware of. I wanted to learn to walk in truth, and that meant to me going all the way, so I started sharing and revealing some truths that I had been hiding, ones that ended up with my partner feeling rightfully betrayed by my actions and lies.

      She was hurt; still, she stuck by me.

      Unfortunately, I had no self-discipline, resorting back to my old habits of self-sabotage and betraying her once again. I even had the nerve to lie about it.

      She caught me in the lie, and rightfully left. She didn’t want to even see or speak to me. The love of my life left due to my own doing.

      There I was, alone, a million thoughts colliding at once, feeling a deep suffering coursing through me as well as a frenzy of other emotions.

      A couple days after she left, I was sitting in my backyard in a papasan chair in which I would relax and meditate. I was working to direct my mind away from the thoughts that were plaguing me, redirecting them into thoughts of curiosity and wonder. I wanted to explore the empty space of thin air in front of me, and everywhere.

      There I was, pondering and staring at the empty space, and then I drifted into a blank state (empty mind), which clearly eased me into a trance state where I was awake and aware, eyes open—but with something new in my vision, something which appeared in front of me in the ‘not so empty’ air! It was a pattern, best described as a holographic projection in the thin air. The main body of it was translucent and moved as though it was alive, spanning in all directions and layered with overlapping circles.

      When I went to focus in to see it better, my vision suddenly zoomed in way beyond normal human vision. I saw there was a universe inside two of the overlapping circles, then my vision zoomed back out and I saw the pattern more clearly.

      The pattern was a sea of universes. I explored this for a time and then out of nowhere, was overcome by a feeling of shock and confusion at what I was witnessing.          Jarred by the experience, the sight vanished.

      I was left dumbfounded and wondering what had just happened... I immediately called to share the experience with an associate I thought might have insight.

      He made a joke that I must have just read a book by some physicist that discussed a multiverse theory. I had not, nor did I ever find and read that book he was talking about. That was not the first time I had seen patterns, but it was the first time I had engaged a hyper-zoom in vision and was able to make out more than patterns.

      This time, it was very clear what I saw, and there could be no mistake. After this, I started seeing the pattern on other occasions too, later coming across pictures of it. And I came to find out what that pattern was called.

      It is the flower or tree of life. In a later projection, I discovered that it is also the DNA of the omniverse, which I will show you.

      Time passed, and I had been seeking to develop myself in a life of virtue, and seeking out different ‘gurus’. The first time I projected to what I will refer to as the ‘inner worlds’ or microcosms was unlike my first view experiencing the macrocosm grid.

      This time, I was in a very tranquil emotional state after recently returning from a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I had gone about most of my day and was taking a moment to relax. I sat down on my bed next to a friend who was visiting, who lay reading a book quietly. I leaned back against a few pillows supported by the headboard. Relaxed and with intent, I let out a breath as I blankly stared across the room at no particular thing. All of a sudden, a vision appeared in my left eye.

      It quickly projected forward, kind of like seeing your room pictured on a TV, but in my eye, it presented as a double telescoping sight.

      As I was witnessing this strange occurrence, the image projected from my left eye rapidly dove back into my eye, like falling into clear waters. My vision changed from being able to see the room I was in, to going through my eye backwards.

      I could see the room fading away as it moved farther back and took over my full vision. I now found I was seeing what looked like translucent crystal shafts and crystal caves, though I could still see my room through the crystal structures.

      Then it quickly changed to a tube that I was in, and as I traveled farther back, I shot out of a tube backwards, able to see multiple tubes all bunched together.

      All of a sudden, I found myself within the structure of a cone, heading into the small end where the light from the outside world faded and I could no longer see my room. But the vision I had now was more complex with perfect lighting, not too bright and not too dark, yet with extreme high detail and clarity.

      I found myself in what appeared to be an artery or capillary while in a river of flowing fluid. Now, my attention was drawn to one of the many things in the fluid stream, and as I focused on it, my vision zoomed in. (I thought this may be a blood platelet).

      As I began examining, my vision zoomed in closer but this time, I traveled inside what I had been looking at prior until something else caught my eye. This zooming in continued for several levels (planes). Shocked by the events, I started thinking about what was happening and it was at that moment that I was ejected out, and my normal vision returned. It felt as though I had been gone for well over an hour. Curious, I looked over and asked my friend how long I had been sitting down.

      I was shocked by the response.

      “You just sat down a couple minutes ago....”

      This experience happened without effort. I found that when I tried to duplicate it on my own, I was grasping. I hadn’t even been in a meditation pose, and it had just happened! This is why practice is important. It is not always in practice that you may access these types of things.

      Consistent practice centers you, focusing the mind and body to no longer be in dis-ease, so harmonizing you to the experience of life and making it so practice is working out the kinks to become effortless in what you strive to achieve.

      This makes it so your state of being reflects that.

      After this point, you may start sliding into those states effortlessly.

      I am going to use a series of illustrations and math to share what I have learned from these travels. This will help you see the foundations of what we are a part of. For example, math and geometry are languages that leave no room for error; they are true to their expression, therefore perfect in their nature.

      I don’t expect anyone to just believe some writings on a wall.

      I will be presenting what ties everything together and turning theories into undeniable truths. Quantum physics and beyond, here we go...


     There is simply no polite way to tell people that they have dedicated their entire lives to an illusion on multiple levels at a grand scale, and that much of what they have been taught is false or half-truths, with one of the grandest falsehoods revolving around the Dark Ages. What I am going to share may be a hard pill to swallow, but I am going to prove it, so stick with me.

      Within our dimensional structure, we have infinite realms upon realms, mutually containing one another. A realm is a community or territory over which a sovereign rules; it is commonly used to describe a kingdom or other monarchical or dynastic state.   

      Realm may also commonly be used to describe the Commonwealth realms, all kingdoms in their own right and sharing a common monarch.

      Though all are connected, they are fully independent of each other. Our dimensional structure in itself is a realm. And within that realm, we have a multitude of realms—and other realms within those realms. We have the three main ones, the inner, middle and outer realms.

      The so-called realms of existence are customarily divided into three distinct ‘worlds’ listed here in descending order of refinement: inner, middle and outer. Namely the inner worlds (a microcosm) such as the atoms that compose matter, the earth the mid-world, the outer celestial worlds.

      The spatial cosmology can also be divided into two branches. First, the vertical cosmology describes the arrangement of worlds in a vertical pattern, some being higher and some lower.

      Second and by contrast, the  horizontal  cosmology describes the grouping of these vertical worlds into sets of thousands, millions, or billions.

      Some think that we may have moved out of the Dark Ages; I mean, we have been told that, have we not? However, The Dark Age does not only refer to a period in history. The Dark Age is also ‘The Dark Kingdom’.

      If you are reading this book, you are in the realm or vibrational phase of reality which I refer to as the Dark Kingdom. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary published 1913, defines a vibrational phase as:

“Any part of the path described by a particle or body in making a complete vibration, in distinction from other parts, as while moving from one extreme to another, or on one side of the line of the rest, in distinction from the opposite. Two particles are said to be in the same phase when they are moving in the same direction and with the same velocity, or in corresponding parts of their paths” [6].

This alone is an in-depth topic that I will assist you to understand throughout this book. In simple terms, it may be viewed as a distinction in the line between matter and non-matter/dark matter.

      There are multiple phases of reality as well as micro- and macrocosms within each phase. In other words, a phase is a region of space throughout which all properties of a material are essentially uniform.

      Uniform means in either density, magnetization, index of refraction, or chemical composition. A simple description is that a phase is a region of material of the matter spectrum that is chemically uniform, physically distinct. For example, each different tone in harmonics is its own phase, as a distinction from other tone densities.

      An example of different phases may also be observed in a glass of ice water which contains multiple phases; the water is one phase, the ice another. The condensation on the glass is another as it comprises evaporation, then the glass itself is another phase. Each phase extends a boundary to separate it from the other densities.

      In the case of phases of reality, we are speaking of the boundaries of separation from matter, non-matter, dark matter, etc., so our physical world is a phase, and the dream world another phase.

      Many realities exist in phases outside of the carbon phase, which I will go into.


      Each phase of existence is its own kingdom as well as each layer of microcosm to the macrocosms (also known as the inner, middle, and outer worlds) within each of the phases, and the keys to access different phased kingdoms are vibrational frequencies. Key vibrational frequencies can be thought of as being like channels on the television or stations on the radio, each broadcasting on its unique channel.

      If you have ever owned a vintage turn-dial radio, you may have noticed that the broadcast band can cross; these are all a part of the same thread of vibrational frequency.

      The phase we exist in is the matter-based physical world, a place where most are unaware about truth and live in a perpetual state of ignorance. On this journey, we wander in the darkness before finding the light for you can only be as light as the shadows and darkness you have faced and illuminated.

      Other phases can be described most easily in terms of comparison to the dream worlds, in which everything moves through energy and consciousness.

      It’s not a tangible physicality.

      There are a multitude of phases, from heavens to hells and everything in between, such as the astral realm, spirit realm, Faye realm, etc.

      These exist not in material form as we know it, though like the dream realm, it is as real as it gets in an illusion. Planes and phases are both dimensions, facets of the structure as a whole, just like facets of a cut gem.

      In the physical matter sense, a plane is a layer of a series of subtle planes or worlds, which in themselves are dimensions which, from a center, interpenetrate themselves and the physical planet in which we live, as well as the solar systems, and all the physical structures of the universe. Some limitless in size and potential, the various planes embody the fundamental aspects of reality.

       Each plane is a universe unto itself, following its own natural laws and possessing its own unique inhabitants with different realities of interwoven connections. Except for rare linking points, each plane effectively constitutes its own universe.

      These planes can be viewed as the levels from the microcosms of the subatomic, to the macrocosms of the sea of the multiverse. For example, when we look through a microscope and go through the magnification levels, we peer down into microcosms layer by layer, the same way we can do in examining the body from cellular, molecular, atomic, nuclear, sub-nuclear levels or planes. Then when we look up to the stars, we are looking at our macrocosms from our solar system expanding out to our galaxy, then again in expanding to our universe.

      This means that the whole series of subtle planes (realms) or dimensions emanating from a center, interpenetrate themselves into the physical plane(t) in which we live, the solar systems, and all the physical structures of the universe.

      This interpenetration of planes culminates in the universe itself as a physical structured, dynamic and evolutive expression emanated through a series of steadily denser stages, becoming progressively more material and embodied.

      Then it becomes again progressively less dense, working through the different frequency and wave ranges of luminescence (light), harmonics (sound), consciousness, and spirit.

Planes and Phases


Here is a list of planes and phases laid out. Please keep in mind it is a crude incomplete list, not in exact order from micro to macro—also that these planes are each in a phase of their own. 


      1. Emptiness – the emptiness within the container of void

      2. Harmonic

      3. Luminescent

      4. Nuclear

      5. Atomic

      6. Molecular

      7. Cellular

      8. Nerve – of the body and fungi plane/nerve of the planet

      9. Myofascial

     10. Epidermal

     11. Monera

     12. Microbial

     13. Planetary

     14. Galactic

     15. Universal

     16. Multiversal


The Carbon Planes 4 – 15.




     17. Void

     18. Mental

     19. Physical verse

     20. Physical reverse – Re-verse, time backwards

     21. Probability – Mirror or parallel verses

     22. Faye

     23. The spirit (shadow plane), demi-plane(s) of the Jinn and Shatin

     24. Hells - underworlds 20 

     25. Heavens - Edan

     26. Astral

     27. Ethereal (Ghost Plane)

     28. Dream.

     29. Consciousness – the unified planes and phases of existence, i.e., the unified kingdom of the omniverse.


      I will expand further on some of these various planes in Chapter 7.

      The physical body is on a plane on which we travel, the physical plane. We can identify the heavens and hells in the human body. The Heaven is the pleasure principle in our consciousness, created by interpretation of the movements of the senses, the sixth sense or the mind and emotion itself.

      The Hell is the pain principle, created by negative thoughts and desires and the suffering through the identification and attachment we undergo, created by interpretation of the movements of the senses, the sixth sense or the mind and emotion itself, due to life struggles or because of one’s misdeeds or attachments.

      I dive more into this topic in The Dark Kingdom - 108 Monsters Within of this series. This brings me to some foundational knowledge about the ‘Golden Age’, which comes from Greek mythology and includes the fall of peoples from the ‘light’—popularly known as Edan or the Heavens.

      What I refer to as the Kingdoms comprises a garden of both light and dark, positive and negative, existing together in neutrality, in which all is all. We are currently in a garden of positive and negative for engaging in the fruit from the tree of life, separating us from neutrality by the 108 aspects of ego—self—which resides on the denser carbon planes making up almost all life in the lower dimensional phases. The Golden Kingdom is that of positive, light, and consciousness without separation by the means of the ‘I’ construct.

      The Dark Kingdom is the negative, dark, veiled illusion of separateness, death. When the two are in a conjoined state, they produce and program physical matter, as both in form create matter; from the neutral ground state, it takes positive and negative to create the two necessary opposite-moving streams of energy that come together to complete a circuit. Sound and light come together as well, as sound programs light, and without influence of sound, light is devoid of programming.

      The two work in layers of density; the layers get denser in the center and progressively less dense moving out from the center. The structure of our omniverse as one kingdom is divided into two main kingdoms, those of light and darkness, matter and anti-matter, positive and negative, light and dense. These have three sub-kingdoms— known as realms—the inner, middle, and outer realms. Within these, we have layers referred to as planes as well as phases.

      The Golden Ages are the time periods during which this fact is illuminated. The Dark Ages are the periods of time during which this information is largely suppressed, hence the term dark, with the majority being ‘in the dark’ about truths of the great mystery! The current Dark Ages within the Dark Kingdom started up again around 400 AD and have not subsided but still continue, even at the time of writing this.

      Though there are and have been those seeking to suppress this information, it is and has been available for any who truly seek within themselves, as there are many teachers and masters, even in the face of the outside influence of suppression.

      The Dark Kingdom is a phase of reality in which you end up when you eat the fruit of ego, cast out of the Golden Kingdom (Edan or Heavens). The fruit of ego lowers vibrational frequency, bringing you to a denser vibrational aspect of existence, like the difference between what some view as Heaven and Hell. 

      The Dark Kingdom is a phase of Hell, though Heaven may be brought here. The Phase of the Dark Kingdom in many cultures is referred to as Saṃsāra, a Sanskrit word meaning wandering the world of cyclic, circuitous change. The cycle of death and rebirth of all life, matter, and existence in the temporal world is rooted in suffering and filled with perpetual earthly desires. This is the first truth of the four noble truths that Gautama Buddha taught.

      Have you ever wondered why needless suffering continues when we live in a time in which some unnecessary suffering could be easily eradicated, such as hunger, shelter, poverty, etc.? While we are correct to blame the usual culprits of desire, consumption and greed, there are other factors at play in this consistent stall.

      The tides never seem to change and evolve for the betterment of all life. With each force exists an equal and opposite force that makes it so that things don’t get better or worse in regard to suffering around the planet. It just keeps equally bouncing back and forth in a perpetual state, based on ego and suffering. This is the neutral state in this vibrational phase of reality of the Dark Kingdom.

      The proof for this has been hidden in plain sight, demonstrating that science as well as history have been undergoing suppression and both been skewed for years. For example: The unholy six trinity, 666, is often known as ‘the number of the beast’. Many people have unsubstantiated opinions of what the 666 beast is. Here is the foundation:       The beast consists of phases of lower-density structure in the three-dimensional physical matter world, in which almost all matter is carbon-based.

      Carbon’s atomic number is 12 (1 + 2 = 3), composed of six neutrons, six protons, and six electrons, hence 6,6,6. Carbon makes up almost all organic matter of life, the matter planes. As well, numerologically, 666 is equivalent to 9, with nine shown as the zero points for each torus field for all matter and physical life, which I will be going into more deeply later.



A monster hidden in plain sight—the ‘beast’—is the Dark Kingdom, in which we chase and eat our own tails in ego, desire, and suffering, wandering aimlessly in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The ouroboros or uroboros (pictured above) is a depiction of the beast, one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world.

      The beast has most often been depicted in older times as a dragon, and was slowly adapted in newer times to be represented by a serpent formed in a circle, devouring its own tail.

      Here, I have illustrated three bound dragons/serpents of telescoping size, depicting the bound inner, middle, and outer physical planes (worlds), demonstrating the macro- to microcosms. It is also sometimes depicted as the infinity loop, a lemniscate shape (figure eight) representative of the structure of which we are a part.

      This symbolizes the cyclical nature of the universe—creation out of destruction, and life out of death, as I will show in detail throughout this book.

      You may also notice the cross with a circle in its center, the cross of binding and suffering in the triple ouroboros illustration; this symbol has been used to lead people astray. They focus on the suffering on the cross of crucifixion, while misleading people to indulge in emotional and sensational ties that encourage followers to seek outside of themselves instead of seeking within, thus dissolving the bonds of the beast.

      The delusionary aspect of the beast will work to make you deaf and blind to the truth laid out in front of you. Many would still disagree that this is a phase of Hell!

      If you cannot find Heaven in the midst of Hell, you are not looking as these phases bleed together. Like positive and negative, what one person finds to be a hell—whether mental, emotional, or sensational— another may find to be a heaven.

      It is about finding and being aware of those states within yourself, as there are wonders and amazements also amidst horrors and atrocities.

      In the duality of perception, therefore, the mental, emotional, and sensational experiences can be levels of Hell all alone. A great example of this can be found in this short parable:

The Gates of Paradise

Nobushige, a soldier, came to Hakuin, a famous Zen Master, and asked, ‘Is there really a paradise and a hell?’ ‘Who are you?’ inquired Hakuin. ‘I am a samurai,’ Nobushige replied. ‘You, a samurai!’ exclaimed Hakuin. ‘What kind of lord would have you as his guard? You look like a beggar!’ Nobushige became so enraged that he began to draw his sword. Hakuin continued, ‘So you have a sword. It is probably too dull to even cut off my head.’ Nobushige brandished his weapon. Hakuin remarked, ‘Here, open the gates of Hell.’ At these words, the perceptive samurai sheathed his sword and bowed. ‘Here, open the gates of paradise,’ said Hakuin. - Mujū DŌkyŌ:, Shasekishū [7]


With the high of highs and the low of lows of what seems to be an endless roller coaster in a continuous bouncing back and forth between pleasure and displeasure, like and dislike, mental, emotional, and sensational heavens, or mental, emotional, and sensational hells, all these are based on aspects of ego in the phase of the Dark Kingdom. With this, we have learned the second of the Four Noble Truths, that suffering has a cause.


2. Jesus said, «Everyone who seeks should continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will be troubled at the contemplation of Truth, but when he has passed through the time of trouble, he will be astonished at the brightness of the Light, for the Way of Truth is the Pathway to the Eternal Godhead, and the price of the beatific vision is the wringing of the soul. The person who desires to rise above all things must descend below all things, for the way to the heights passes through the depths of anguish, which generate the fires of Life. The person who has suffered and found Life is blessed.” 3. Jesus said, «If you say that the abode of the Gods is in the sky, the birds will arrive there before you. If you say it is in the sea, the fish will arrive there before you. Know that the heavenly realm is both inside you and outside you, and you will know that which is outside by that which is inside. 4. Jesus said, «Unless you become like little children, you cannot know the meaning of Life, for your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this realm if you are to be taught Eternal Truth.»

~ The Gospel of Thomas: Sayings of Jesus [8].


In order to ascend the suffering of what is interpreted as the ‘underworld’—or the shadow—and transmute it, it is oftentimes struggle, obstacles, and hardships that are the tinder and spark needed to catalyze growth. In the absence of struggle, toiled, pain and hardships, ascension of the underworld or shadow world is not going to happen.


      In the next chapter, we will be going deeper into what we are a part of, exploring the omniverse’s energetic systems.


Key takeaways:


      - A war between darkness and light is raging within us.

      - The Dark Ages have never ended. In fact, the Dark Ages refer to the Dark Kingdom, a place of ignorance and Hell with seemingly endless suffering.

      - The Dark Kingdom is where one goes having eaten of the fruit of ego, falling from the light in what is referred to as a temporal decline.

          - The number of the beast, ‘666’, actually refers to the three-dimensional physical matter composed of six neutrons, six protons, and six electrons, i.e., 6,6,6.

       - The beast is the Dark Kingdom, the matter carbon planes.

decorative illustration of a singular eye

Chapter Two

Triple ouroboros dragon inner, middle, outer.


Illustration of the Universal Playing Field book cover

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