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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

The Universal Playing Field book cover
decorative illustration of singular eye

Chapter Ten


Symbolism is a representation of a concept through use of symbols, or that of underlining meanings of objects, relationships, and/or their qualities in a form of communication. All communication is achieved through use of symbols, even the language of life itself, as I have demonstrated through this book.

      I have shown and explained some symbolism from the feminine and masculine of the unified verses, matter and non-matter, positive and negative, heavens and hells, Adam and Lilith, light and dark, good and evil.

      The list goes on and on with all the polarities.

      The language of the omniverse in its sacred geometry and corresponding mathematics is a language known and used throughout history. Its symbolism is used in all cultures as it is the founding language, but few have come to understand it per a purge on knowledge and wisdom through various ‘religious’ campaigns. Campaigns against truth and knowledge, with those followers being misled.

      As an example, the Jewish Menorah symbolism has been used as a tool to show the divine nature of the construct, however, maintaining that knowledge and wisdom has been more difficult with all the intentional misdirection, misinformation, and coveting going around.

      The Menorah is a candle holder which may have either seven or nine lights, candles, or lanterns. I am going to bypass what most are taught about this and I’m going to share the hidden symbolism, what it really symbolizes, as if the symbolism is properly understood, then it is a key to the kingdom.

      The Menorah represent many trinities, but the major ones most often excluded are the representations of the triple realms (inner, middle, and outer world), as well as the seven colors, and seven sounds in the major and minor prophets with their highs and lows, shadows and highlights. Add to this its reflection because the Menorah only shows the light half of the puzzle, as only the light half is visible, illuminating the dark negative space, and becoming one with it. Like the Yin and Yang, light and dark, etc., displaying the polarities of a dual construct, in a trinity base!

      If you look, you may also see this is also a triple trident. A trident is known historically to be used by a ‘God’ to draw energy from one or all of the planes of existence, such as the inner, middle, and outer worlds, in order to wield that power.

      This is as represented by Poseidon, or Neptune in Greek mythology, which states that Poseidon’s divine trident was made by a cyclops, the singular eye I have brought to your attention in this book. The all-seeing eye, which too is the construct!

      The trident as well is held by Shiva and Durga from Hinduism, as it is one of their principal symbols as well as being a staple in Native American, Celtic, and Norse cultures.

Illustration of a menorah
illustration of two Menorahs together forming three concentric circles

Menorah without candles  

Menorah reflecting light and dark, positive, and negative as well as the outer, middle, and inner worlds.

triple ouroboros dragon inner middle and outer
Helm of Awe - tridents pulling from all directions into the triple realm of the inner middle and outer worlds

Ouroboros depicting the inner, middle, and outer worlds – (right) Celtic Helm of Awe, a sigil of protection pulling from the outer, middle, and inner worlds to the CenterPoint, which would be painted on, making the bearer the center point.

Two Menorahs together
Hall of Lugh

Great Hall of the Gods


In the Great Hall of the Gods or Sigil of the Cosmos, the wheel is the sign of the wheel of life/dharma, a representation of the tree of life, and the turning of the wheel is the turning of the eternal order of the heavens, of the sun, moon, and stars, as it is a map for the heavens. As what is up is also down, what is out is also in.

      The eight spokes on the wheel also depict the primary seven sounds in their highs and lows = eight, and the primary seven spectrums of chromatic illumination, with their shadows and highlights = eight.

      Light and sound are harnessed by the trident wrapped around the wheel, drawing the energy of light and sound into the triple realm, the inner, middle, and outer worlds.

The spiral depicts the river of life-death in the positive and negative streams, as the two are one and the same, the cosmic breath of consciousness, the river of life as well as the unshaped potentiality of all beings.

      The trident wrapped around the spiral of life/death energy is harnessing and drawing in the energy into the triple realm, the inner, middle, and outer worlds.

      The triple square pattern is a depiction of the many phases, the verse macro to micro, the outer, middle, and inner worlds. The symbol of the X quartering the worlds displays the interconnectedness of the inner-middle-outer lower worlds/kingdoms which may be viewed as the cross of suffering.

      The X or cross signifies light, sound, consciousness, and life energy/prana. In the 3,6,9 terms = 3 light, 6 sound, 9, consciousness and life energy. It is the wheel of Becoming (Bhavachakra), a representation of one’s tree of life.

      The turning of the wheel is the motion of our own actions from moment to moment.        That motion is what determines what we will become, as what we are now, was made and is reliant upon what we did before. At the center axis of the wheel are the factors around which all conditioned material existence spins: craving, aversion, and ignorance of reality. This square ‘wheel’ is one you mold yourself, unbeknownst to those unable to see.

      Together, these signs affirm the structure of the Order of the Worlds. This motif is referred to by many as the Hall of Lugh, representing the pattern of the Great Hall of the Gods.

Francesco Botticini The Assumption of the Virgin

The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London [53]. Depicting inner, middle, and outer planes/kingdoms. The levels, what is up is also down.

Francesco Botticini The Assumption of the Virgin
Francesco Botticini The Assumption of the Virgin close up

The Book being held displays the Greek letter phi symbolizing the golden ratio, as well the key of the positive and negative, uniting in neutrality.

     The way I have shown you this language may allow you to start understanding the first and underlining language of the verses based in mathematics and sacred geometry, used far past known written history, which will also allow for one to start deciphering the old-world symbolism, as well as crop circles that pop up in fields worldwide. Both are based on this language.


 Key takeaways:

  • Symbolism is a language.

  •  This book has been breaking down some symbolism so to share the language of God.

  • Symbolism holds many tangible old-world keys of the ancients.

The Universal Playing Field book cover

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