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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

The Universal Playing Field 
 book cover
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Chapter Eleven


In this book, I have examined and detailed the basics of the fields of consciousness, macro- and micro-planes, and the polarities, looking at how light and dark, positive, and negative, matter and nonmatter are a singularity, emanating and originating from a neutral source where each exists.

      If we view the Throne of God as the 0, the circle or zero as an emanating Source, and take opposites such as light and darkness, matter and non-matter, positive and negative (as well as emotion and sensation in the grasping or rejecting), and we list them in a number coding with the Source 0 center and a positive and negative scale following on either side, known as the right and left hand of God...


987654321 - 0 + 123456789


…then the mind becomes a self-made labyrinth, and the more one’s mind is preoccupied, the more it simply won’t hone in on the focused curiosity on the facets of the system we are in. Instead, it will really start getting into the grand scale of it all, how it works and why! Focus and genuine curiosity are needed along with asking the questions and learning how to come up with new questions to ask—and asking them!

      To receive answers, one must simply listen. But to listen is easier said than done with a wandering monkey mind, along with desire and attachment.

      One of the ways of strengthening the soul is to seek within.

      Currently, the methods being taught mainstream—such as Christianity and Catholicism as well as mainstream media outlets, feature films, television, radio, Internet, social media, electrical devices sending signals that affect the nervous system—all involve seeking outside of oneself, being so preoccupied and consumed by this physical material world that we disconnect from all the other aspects that are.

And these are expansive in comparison to what we limit ourselves to by seeking outside of oneself.

      The blending of ‘Mind-Body-Spirit’ through thought, word and deed and coming from a place of agape love, compassion and understanding creates an evolution of this consciousness based in equanimity, through the virtues of detaching from the earthly desires, and identification with the physical plane.

      The discipline of the ‘Mind-Body-Spirit’ allows for a cleansing of Karmatic balance.    Through these steps, one becomes more and more conscious and aware of themselves, their surroundings, environment, people around them, and even deeper inside, into the multi-layers of oneself, the polarities, becoming more and more conscious through each conscious insight, as we work our way back, like semen toward the egg. Remember, we have learned that what is up is also down, what is in is also out! We can bring Heaven to Earth through each one of us if we choose to develop the         Christ state within, allowing God or the God state to live through us, unifying the male/ female back into the originating neutral androgynous Source.

      In the next book in the Karmatic Diet series, The Dark Kingdom - 108 Monsters Within I will go over how to start developing emotional intelligence and showing emotions from an energetic polarity perspective, with additional tools to start developing a full meditation. This will allow you to see for yourself from the singular eye perspective and learn from wisdom of experience.

      Spiritual alchemy is rising above the aspects of man and embracing the hues which are the spectrums of light, and man (human) who is in a state of darkness, seeking illumination. In effect, it means embracing the light and dark aspects of existence in its totality, though in a state of neutrality, which brings us back to a state of wholeness.

      When the physical and spiritual alchemy have been mastered, you are a quantum mechanic. This is what is to be uncovered when you dive down this rabbit hole. A quantum mechanic is one who, with full intent, is able to use the tools to communicate with energies and manipulate their effect, in design construction, operation, or mechanics.

      Though if you seek to grow and learn about this stuff, and seek within yourself, you have the answers within! You can, however, find tangible tools in the other books in this series, but to understand through experience, you must inquire within yourself.

      If you only read books and do not do the practice, you will just have divine knowledge without the divine wisdom to use it.

      It is through personal experience one develops wisdom.

      The path for you can only be lit.

      You must walk it to become it.

      Travel Well...

The Great Hall

This book series is dedicated to the Source of Creation. 

U n I as we roam the verses.

We are one, and in one, I am a humble servant.

XX design for MW author initials
Sigal of Enlightenment

“In darkness dwells the hiding creatures, yearning toward the light. In pain, strength grows, forging a mighty soul. In love, all is forgiven, all that is broken made whole. In gratitude for all stages, there lives an enlightened spirit.”

- Robin M. Lucia

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