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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

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Chapter Seven

The Planes in Relation to Health and Conscious Growth

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Why does this all matter, and what can I do with this knowledge?

      To start with, it opens awareness to what is going on, delivering a basic grasp of the interconnectedness of all, and even how it works. In understanding that all is interconnected, one learns that they are the keeper of their own inner worlds, learning each plane from the microcosms to the macrocosms throughout one’s body, and how each functions in order to give one what they need. This is because if one inner plane becomes dis-eased, it will cross over to the planes on either side.

      This is the true science of the body and the initiation for one to truly become its keeper, on all levels, in the same way as how we interact and treat the earth on which we live becomes our external environment. If we mine and pollute the land, air, water, and food affecting the planetary plane, then this too affects each of our internal planes (worlds), rendering them equally unhealthy.

      Examining these planes will help to acquaint you with the various properties and inhabitants of each plane. In this way, you may understand the seemingly chaotic nature of the environment when you actually experience it yourself, grasping the nature of what we are a part of and the symbiotic relationship with all the planes.

      In this venture, one will find that properties that are common on one plane may not be so common on another, each plane affecting one another with each plane’s stability and health dependent on each other.

      The importance of learning the information contained from each plane and applying that awareness is grand. Vianna Stibal, from her book The Seven Planes of Existence [45] has done well in her explanation on the subject of the internal micro planes within the physical body, and the importance of feeding these planes what each need, as well as the relation to physical, mental, and spiritual health.


“The human body is made up of five different compounds: lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid (DNA), and ATP (energy). Each of these is linked to a particular plane. Together, these five components make up who we are. They are the staff of life that connects us with the other planes.

“This can be seen in the fact that our mental and spiritual health is dependent on having enough of each of these compounds. If they are lacking in our body, there will be a lack in other areas of our life as follows:

“• Lack of Seventh-Plane ATP will create: Lack of spirit and pure and unconditional love.

• Lack of Sixth-Plane nucleic acid will create: Lack of spiritual structure.

• Lack of Fifth-Plane lipids will create: Lack of spiritual balance.

• Lack of Fourth-Plane carbohydrates will create: Lack of energy.

• Lack of Third-Plane proteins will create: Lack of nurturing.

• Lack of Second-Plane vitamins will create: Lack of love.

• Lack of First-Plane minerals will create: Lack of support.”

This is why an understanding of each of these planes of existence is so important, as we are these planes of existence. In ancient traditions still employed to this day, an initiate was to master one plane of existence at a time. For example, to know what minerals and precious metals would be helpful, one would need to master the knowledge of the First    Plane of Existence, as well as the planes of the tendons, muscles, myofascial, all the way through to the mental and emotional, and so on.

      Yoga—such as hatha yoga—is an avenue toward becoming flexible of body to balance and deliver health to the rest of the vessel, as when we are physically inactive or allow the body to become still and inflexible, dis-ease follows, right the way from physical to mental anguish. This occurs because what is neglected has the karma, the ability to cause and affect deterioration. But that which is maintained remains viable to enjoy and live life rather than simply suffering through it.

      ‘Use it or lose it’ as the saying goes.

      As everything is connected and affects its counterparts, finding and tending to this dis-ease—to re attune oneself to a harmonious state physically—makes it so the body is in the optimal state, therefore conducive to being able to get the mind to cooperate to even begin to achieve immersion into mediation practices.

      As we learn about the planes, we will start seeing what is in is also out, or what is down is also up, as the micro and macrocosms in form repeat themselves. This is what I mean; if we dissect an atom and really learn its constitutes as well as its process, we find that an atom at the nucleus is a majority gold, platinum, and selenium.

      This is a healthy atom I refer to, as an atom can and will change its constituents if the ideal composites are not available—in this case, choosing inferior composites, such as aluminum as the metal, and sulfur replacing selenium.

      This matters because an atom’s process is to be a super-conductor which goes through a heating and cooling process. During this process, the nucleus heats up, and when it starts the cooling process, a gas is formed. And as it continues to cool, the gas changes phases, becoming crystals—photon packets, packets of crystal light. Harmonics then program the photon packets on what to do.

      This heating and cooling process through which an atom passes, needs the most conductive and heat-resistant metals it can get, because inferior metals will break down in the process, collapsing the atom because a metal such as aluminum, tin and other inferior metals cannot withstand the same heating to extremely high degrees as gold, platinum or other high pure temperate metals. At the micro level of our internal atoms, the atoms make up and hold together things like DNA, and RNA. So, when an atom collapses, it damages the DNA or RNA it makes up. Well, DNA and RNA replicate by dividing, and when it divides into a new strand, it will replicate damaged, as well as when the atoms that make up the physical body cannot perform the tasks they are designed for, decay of the body’s make-up ensues.

      This creates illness(dis-ease) and shortened life span. This will also be the genetic material a person will pass down to their offspring.

      As taught in many schools, organisms evolve over time. Well, sometimes things devolve instead, getting worse instead of better, as when things devolve, they deteriorate, degenerate, and fall apart, making it so we are the keepers of whether we evolve or devolve the species.

      I have shared an aspect of one plane and how that small portion of that plane affects the other planes it is connected to. I shared earlier that what is up is also down and what is in is also out, from the atom we all learn about in school. This is the atom at the micro level to the macro atom the Earth, as Earth too is an atom, the repetition from micro to macro; the Earth’s core is of the same constituents and goes through the same heating and cooling process. Guess what happens if you drill and mine the gold and platinum out of the core of an atom such as the planet Earth? If you answered that it would create the decay and eventual death of that atom, you would be correct! Just as if any atom were starved of the necessary metal elementals.

      Extending to an additional macro level, we can find that we have what is called a galactic nucleus, meaning a nucleus of an even more macro atom. In current time, astronomers are guesstimating that there are 200 billon galaxies in our universe, and each will have a nucleus. Galaxies are categorized by ‘observation evidence’ as either dead or alive, this is determined by when star formation stops as the galactic nucleus stops heating up and cooling down, because of a nucleus collapse.

      A quenching galaxy is one in the process of dying.

      We can learn a lot from these examinations if we look at the micro and macro aspects in relation to what is up is also down, and what is in is also out, in that the atom we are on (Earth) births light beings such as human (hue-man) similar to that of the micro atom’s ability to create photons or light packets.

      Sound (harmonics) is a key ingredient in the programing of both, and most humans are out of tune, hence the need for atonement (a-tone-ment or a-tune-ment). Being out of tune in discord makes it so one is tone deaf in fashion, creating the disconnect from communicating with the larger whole, in effect, not living one’s purpose of being in service to the whole, or knowing how to do so.


Quadra Helix Plane

This is a prime example of the micro to macro as the example from the bridge of light sound and the two quantum energy planes—the quadra helix coming together.

      G-quadruplexes are four-strand DNA structures, unlike the double Helix strand, a two-strand structure. The G-quadruplexes’ roles in several key biological processes are essential to proper cell functioning. These include chromosome stability, DNA replication (the mechanism that precedes cell division, allowing two identical molecules to be produced from a single DNA molecule), ‘transcription,’ by which a strand of DNA is copied in a molecule of RNA, and ‘translation,’ by which RNA is utilized to enable protein synthesis, and so on.

      The G-quadruplex being a four-strand structure is like a three-dimensional tower with multiple floors. Each floor, called a tetrad, has what is referred to as a guanine (G, one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA) based on all four corners, held together by hydrogen bonds.

      A single strand of double-helix DNA can fold itself to become a G-quadruplex, so when the double helix folds itself (creating a new dimension of its ‘self’) this makes it more multi-dimensional.

      G-quadruplexes takes the driver’s seat, for the cells and the cells’ health are dependent on the G-quadraplexes. So, we can see how one plane affects another. So if the G-quadruplex plane is unhealthy and not functioning properly, it will affect the nuclear plane which affects the cellular plane, which affects the…and so on.

      Going back to the planes that make up the human body, we are electro and electromagnetic beings that work off conductivity. Many people often forget or dismiss the fact that the water that most people drink in industrialized nations is filtered and treated (even the bottled water), and what that means to their health, and the planes that make them up. Here are just two main issues with this.

      One, water needs to be flowing to be at its highest energetic level, as even water is alive and can die. Hence stale water!

      Two, water as it flows naturally in rivers, streams, underground rivers, aquafers, seas and oceans breaks down the earth and its constituents such as precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, copper, selenium, palladium, zinc, iridium, silica, and other metals and minerals into different-sized particles. These different-sized particles become accessible to the different micro and macro planes within the body. As each plane is a different size, each needs the corresponding particle size for that plane.

      In a basic example, if your mouth were a plane, you could fit a grape in your mouth, but not a watermelon, unless that watermelon were to be broken down into bite-sized pieces. So, the water breaks down these metals and minerals to the different sizes needed by each internal plane. But many people don’t get them anymore, as even the water the industrialized crops get fed is filtered, and the earth it is grown in is nutrient depleted, as well as doused in pesticides and herbicides.

      Water is vital for health and for the body’s conductivity. I believe many of us have heard this. Well, major components of that conductivity are filtered out, and instead of putting back in the good stuff we need, the waters are instead filled with toxins such as fluoride which lower conductivity by hardening soft tissues, such as that of the brain. As well we are bombarded with processed foods and industrialized products containing sulfur, aluminum, and tin.

      You could research for yourself that modern medicine has classified gold, platinum as well as silver in a medicinal classification.

Silver was prescribed as an antibiotic before the takeover of the pharmaceutical industry in 1938. These precious metals are currently being used for treatment as well as cures for multiple diseases and conditions.

      If you put a magnet in the sand, you end up with black sand attached to it; this is magnetite iron ore/iron oxide, and though it looks like black sand, it is actually a crystal.    This is crystal iron oxide that we used to get from our natural water supply where it was broken down into nano-particle size for us to absorb, to be able to pass through the blood-brain barrier to deposit within the tissues for the super-conduction of electromagnetic energy, especially for sending and receiving.

      Iron oxide also contains trace elements of gold, making this super-conductive as well as electromagnetic. Currently, unless you drink from an unfiltered water source such as a well, river, lake, or stream, your brain is being limited in its intake of precious highly conductive metals such as gold, platinum, copper, silver and the others, as well being limited in taking iron oxide ore magnetite into the body. This reduces electro and electromagnetic activity in the brain and throughout the rest of the body’s systems, down to the nucleus of your atoms. This, in turn, affects your RNA single-strand DNA responsible for memories and their storage, as well as genetic imprints and the double-helix DNA. The atoms hold together, and without precious highly conductive metals, your atoms can fail as a superconductor and collapse, causing a multitude of issues.

      Deuterium-depleted water is something obscure that I have found, of which most people are also unaware. This additional issue makes it so you can’t even absorb much of the water around today into the body’s systems, as it just gets processed out without absorption because of the hydrogen size, as hydrogen is H in H20 (water).

      Have you ever had a bunch of water, and ended up feeling full and bloated but not hydrated? Here is the culprit. Deuterium, and it has increased substantially in our water supplies in the last decade.

      Deuterium is a heavier isotope of hydrogen, with one proton and a neutron, usually approximately double the mass of a hydrogen atom, and not filtered out by traditional means such as standard water filters, reverse osmosis, or distillation.

      If we are dehydrated, in effect, all the internal planes and our electrical systems cease to be operating at optimal performance, as those signals become weaker as there becomes less surface conductivity due to the lack of water in the system.

      This creates a vehicle which has trouble carrying the electrical currents’ signals throughout the body to their destination, causing friction and agitation. Remember, water does not solely hydrate for conductivity. It also carries that which is found naturally in natural moving water sources. Nature supplies the nutrients we need to thrive, yet we have turned our backs from her and ourselves.

      On the subject of planes, trees, fruits, vegetables, etc., have their own planes and we can learn a lot from them and their role in our own health. For instance, many non-genetically modified trees, fruits, and vegetables produce anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, and anti-insect compounds to protect themselves and to be able to grow to ripeness.      These compounds are found in the skin, bark, or sap.

      This in turn can—and is by design to—be used for the same purpose in humans when ingested. When the plants are treated with outside anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, and anti-insect compounds, the plants themselves stop producing them, making it so we no longer get these beneficial aspects of these plants, which we need to defend against these micro-predators. This is also true of the genetically modified plants.

      Hopefully, this information gives you a clue as to the importance of learning the planes for our individual selves and no longer being dependent on others for correct information, because much of the truth is being manipulated and hidden.

      It’s up to you to learn and be the keeper of your planes. In that venture, many new awarenesses will arise, leading to conscious growth. By understanding and mastering the subtlest levels of reality, one gains mastery over the physical realm.


“Mastering the energy of a plane meant they had made a spiritual-mental shift, and this was called an initiation. This is the first time in the history of humanity that the planes of existence have been opened up simultaneously so that they can be understood and utilized as never before. In learning how to fuse the elements of the planes into a cohesive energy, we will still, however, go through lessons or initiations that will teach us how to use and understand them. Whether those lessons are hard or simple

is up to us.”

- Vianna Stibal, [45].


Being in a consciousness refinement process, we also have a reincarnation process. A part of our refinement process is a reincarnation process that we go through until we have refined. We currently, as humans, not only have the human role to play in this process but we also live out our lives as different bacteria, plankton, insects, reptiles, animals, plants, planets and so on. So, in effect, they are us. They too are conscious and part of this refinement and reincarnation process. And a part of our process is to become aware to this, then work to nurture all life.

      Those who don't comprehend what's going on in the universe, allowing reaction to steer rather than taking control of their own vessel, are destined to be reincarnated over and over again until they learn to steer their own vessel consciously and take on their appropriate role. Knowing what's available after death leads to having choices, whereas not knowing leads to the recycling of that which is one’s greatest failure. Right now for many of you, this is Karma and cyclic existence because you become that of which you are consciously aware. If you don’t remember anything but the physical world, how could you as a creator create something else for yourself?


Key takeaways:

  • Learning the planes is an initiation into growing in awareness.

  • Mind, body, and spiritual health are directly affected and dependent by each of the inner planes’ health.

  • Nurture all life.


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