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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Universal Playing Field

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

The Universal Playing Field book cover

Chapter Eight

Additional Info on Planes

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All the planes and phases are the unified fields of consciousness. I will set out here a few I have yet to elaborate on, though I am still leaving many out as there is so much going on that words will not assist you in perceiving them. I am still working to perceive them myself!

      If you looked at the verse as a cut gemstone, a diamond for example, and you looked at each cut facet, then relate to each cut and facet as its own plane or realm.


Quantum Energy Planes

This is where life is birthed, where conciseness flows in and where our quantum electric energy source enters and flows out.

      Two energy planes exist, two opposing forces underlying existence in the verse: positive and negative energy. Each of these primal energy forces together are one.

It is constantly seeking to create life.

      This is the yin and yang energy flowing through all things. This quantum energy from both planes infuses reality, the ebb and flow of this energy running through all creatures to bear them along the journey from birth to death. Each exists as antithesis to the other as nature is based on a dual system of complementary opposites, so-called ‘antagonists’. One pole could not exist without the other and with the two, we end up with a neutral composed equally of yin and yang (positive and negative). These are in fact two halves of a single whole, as their opposing polarities are not a sign of opposition, but rather two integral aspects of a single dualistic cycle.

      Every cell and living organism is affected by this as it governs all. From the positive and negative quantum energy planes we end up with electric and electromagnetic fields, birth and destruction, or generating, organizing, destroying (G.O.D.).


Positive Energy Plane

Yang—or the inward positive energy—is a hyperplane.

      The positive aspect of this duality, or as some call it, the Cosmic Fire or the Breath of Life grants vital force to all living creatures and is even in inanimate objects. Prana, the inward-moving energy, is what everything living feeds off; everything that nourishes us is nourished by this.

      It is said that one can learn to live off this quantum energy alone, as there are three things that nourish a living body; liquids, solid foods and prana.

Prana is, or is from, this energy plane. This shows that everything that we need to nourish ourselves including water is living and conscious, and is fed from this source.


Negative Energy Plane 

Yin or outward-moving energy, the negative energy plane is also a hyperplane like the positive one. This is the quantum source from which comes the river of life.

      I am not in favor of using the term negative as it is generally defined but prefer calling it the outward-moving energy. But to keep things simple and in the same language, we will call it negative in this book.

      The positive and negative energy planes are complementary, not opposing planes, and along with the pure potentiality of consciousness, are the building blocks.


Harmonic Planes, Divine Planes or Neutral

The ‘Divine’ plane—though not a plane like others as I’ve earlier described, this is the throne of God, also known as Empyrean, where the light and dark exist at the same time. It has been described in multiple biblical texts. The throne is said by various holy books to reside beyond the Seventh Heavens, the levels or divisions of Heaven in the seven chromatic harmonics.


“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God.”

- Revelation 22:1 [46].


The concept is found in the ancient Mesopotamian religions, as well Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Gnosticism, and more.

      I call this plane the ‘Divine’ plane because it is the doorway into and out of the hypercube into which we have projected our consciousnesses, for the purpose of divination.

      What is divination?

      Well, divination is a systematic method of organizing that which is disjointed (disconnected from the whole), by exploring the facets of existence in such a way it brings insight and clarity, awakening to new awarenesses in order to reconnect one to the whole. In this case, it means to be inspired by God in the glory and magnitude of what is, and to atone. It means retuning back into the originating harmonics, each with their own vibrational resonance that may be tapped into with chanting, breathwork, and letting go of the ego aspect of ‘I’ within the construct.

      The Divine plane is enclosing and interpenetrating grosser planes, respectively. It is the plane of the breath and word of God, in which existence sprung forth, of Brahman, Aum, or of Logos. There is no coincidence that ‘home’ sounds and resonates with Om, AUM or properly pronounced AHUM, as this is our home or resonating frequency, the origin sound. A truth hidden in plain sight!

      Logos as the creative word and ideal exists.

      Logos is the Greek for ‘word.’ However, the true definition goes beyond that, and can be most closely described as ‘the word or that by which the inward thought is expressed, and inward thought itself’. Or the appeal to logic in which it holds the means to convince an audience by use of logic or reason.

      The harmonic plane is the programmer of light, as it draws from the focused potentiality of consciousness to tell light what to generate and organize, as well as destroy, as found with today’s nanotechnology such as quantum dots.


“In ancient times, the seven vowels of Nature I E O U A M S resounded within the human organism.”

- Samael Aun Weor, The Divine Science [47].


Illumination Plane

‘Matter’ is comprised of frequencies of light that we can as humans decode with our physical eyes and senses. However, there are many frequencies of light which the basic human eyes do not decode since the percentage we are able to decode in comparison to the totality of frequencies of light is immeasurably small.

      Light emanates as a projection. In physics, the term light refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not. There are many different types of light waves, some being infrared, microwave, radio shortwave, and radio longwave. The extremely long waves ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays and other electromagnetic radiation are also a part of the light family and of this luminescent plane.

      Some are shorter, others longer. These waves are the building energies of matter, the vibrations of molecules, atoms, protons, electrons to name a few.

Dark matter are frequencies of light sitting outside of our standard frequency range, hence the name dark matter, not being visible to us; it is referred to as dark because it is absent of light generally visible to humans.

      I say we typically don't see with our basic human eyes, though we do have the ability to see the other frequencies of light/matter with use of our third eye.

      At the quantum to subatomic levels, light—visible or not—propagates as waves.    The waves create energy, and that energy can be absorbed into a single location, the absorbed energy called a photon. When a wave of light is transformed and absorbed as a photon, the energy of the wave instantly collapses to a single location, and this location is where the photon ‘arrives.’ This is what is called the wave function collapse.

      The dual wave-like and particle-like nature of light is known as wave–particle duality, as particles are matter and waves are not, so light has the ability to play dual roles.

      So, we have light coming from a subatomic level, referred to as photons; this is light working with us at the nuclear level from the micro planes up the macros.

      Then we have in our galaxy a Sun that works for us at the planetary plane and fuels from its macro back down to the micro levels.

      The two illuminating sources hold the two sides of a spectrum.

      There are at least four directions, of which light is used to make up what we perceive on the physical material plane. 1) Our Sun, as this projects light upon us from the macro above, around and outside of us, 2) that which emanates from emptiness, 3) that which we create in our own bodies from the nucleus of our atoms, as this is where photons (packets of programmable light) are created and then programed in by frequencies of sound. 4) Galactic nuclei.

          Number three can be applied and created outside the body through chemistry, via the healthy nucleus of an atom, being the super conductor that it is, made of selenium. A selenium atom bonds with precious super-conductive metals such as gold, platinum or silver to super-conduct and, in the process, create a gas that then turns into crystals. These crystals are photon packets (packets of programmable light) and are what is referred to nanotechnology.

          This can also be found in nature at many of the micro and macro levels as this light is seen and produced in what is referred to as a living galaxy at the galactic nucleus.

          There are more directionalities of emanating light, but I believe this gives a good foundation.


Galactic Plane

A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system, a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems. The gravity is produced by its encompassing tori within the larger and smaller toruses flipping back and forth, micro to macro, stemming from each vortex (black or white hole). The galactic plane—as it sounds—is the plane on which rest all the galaxies within our universe.

      Our galaxy, the Milky Way—like all galaxies—has a supermassive black hole in the middle, very much like the 3, 6 and 9, as every torus has a vortex (black and or white hole) in its center.

      Planet Earth is a part of our solar system, just a small part of the Milky Way galaxy. Recent estimates of the number of galaxies in the observable universe range from 200 billion to 2 trillion or more, containing more stars than all the grains of sand on planet earth. Some scientists think there could be as many as one hundred billion galaxies in our universe alone. The majority of galaxies are gravitationally organized into groups, clusters, and superclusters.

      Galactic planes can range in size from dwarfs with just a few hundred million stars, to giants with one hundred trillion stars, each orbiting its own galaxy's center of mass, its vortex or black hole.        

      At the center of a living galaxy is an active galactic nucleus (AGN), a compact region at the center of a galaxy, like its micro-counterpart the atom, with its core also a nucleus. It goes through a heating and cooling process to produce macro crystal packets of light that have a much higher than normal luminosity over the electromagnetic spectrum, with characteristics indicating that the excess luminosity is not produced by stars, but rather by the nucleus ejecting blue and red beams of light from the center of the galactic poles. The earth also shoots out beams of colored light from its poles.

      The different colors produced are from the superconducting process.

          Current astronomers believe the radiation from an AGN results from the accretion of matter by a supermassive black hole at the center of its host galaxy. There are nuclei at different levels, micro to macro, from the inner of the micro atom to the planetary atom; the cores are a nucleus, to the galactic nucleus, to a universe where at the center also lies a zero point vortex, creating from the pure potentiality of localized consciousness, from non-matter to matter.


Spirit Plane

The spirit/shadow plane, a phase of the spirit plane, is a grim, colorless ‘duplicate’ in a warped and mocking ‘reflection’ of the material plane. It overlaps with the material plane but is smaller. Serves as the home plane for Spirits of the 108, as well as many other entities.


Our Body and Spirit in the Spirit Plane

These entities work alone or together in groups or teams (gangs) in conjunction, working to weaken the body by attaching to energy points, weakening the energetic body (those that are weak in spirit). The entities are in control of the ‘driver’s seat’ and they cause many of the stated of dis-ease referred to as mental illness.


Illness Spirits

When our spirit is not strong enough to combat the entities with willpower, they can take control. When the spirits group together and cause mental illness due to the weakening of the spirit, this is stemmed in the mental plane which was weakened from the spirit plane, and its effects are seen on the physical plane.

      It is important to understand the difference between action and reaction. Reaction tends to be spirit-based, from these entities.

      When you can stop and act outside of emotion and sensation, you are in control of the ‘driver’s seat’. When you are reacting, they are in control of the ‘driver’s seat’. Action is working outside of emotional and or sensational impulses, to be fully in control and working from intent (aligning mind with body and spirit).

      The stronger the entity(s) get, the more it leaves the vessel more susceptible to other entities. If they are stronger than your spirit, they take over. This leads to acting outside of one’s character, which over time becomes one’s character.

      The more that you give in to an entity, the stronger it gets. Then the weaker you get and the more the connected chakras get weakened and start pulling from the other planes of existence such as people, plants, animals.

      We can look at this like the planting of a garden.

      When we till the garden and plant a seed in the negative, allowing a Karmatic itch to take effect and working in defilement, then that aspect of that defilement grows. The defilement would be one of the 108 entities.

      So, that seed grows and all of a sudden, you have four seeds growing. Every time you give in to that particular defilement/entity, you multiply it. It becomes easier and easier to cave into that type of behavior, thus, making it more difficult to resist that particular defilement. This also applies in the reverse. The more you resist it, the more you are able to resist the defilements and become stronger in this resistance. This is consciously walking in harmony with that entity, which opens that chakra.

      The chakra has the ability to push out or pull in. And when an entity is feeding, it also wants to feed off of others. An entity locked onto a certain chakra turns it inward, becoming a vortex pulling in from the physical, such as people, animals, plants, earth.        Rather than pulling from the God Realm flowing out when a particular chakra is open, it is pulling from the God Realm to the Divine plane and pushing out to our dimensional existence. In other words, ‘My cup runneth over’ is an example of a chakra cup running over and working freely.

      Instead of the energy flowing freely out, when an entity is vamping and sucking from it, it turns it inward. That is how you feel someone is draining or attempting to draw energy from you, as their chakra is pulling energy from around them because of these entities vamping and sucking ‘essence’ from you, just as they are also doing to them.    That is if you let them!

      I dive much deeper into the spirit plane, the entities of the 108, and tools for strengthening and cleansing the spirit (energetic body) in the next book of this series, The Dark Kingdom - 108 Monsters Within.


The Psychic Plane: Intuition

The psychic plane is also our intuitive plane, where intuition and internal moral compass originate, connecting one to knowledge from the ether as it does its best to protect you. This connects us to our extra-sensory perceptions; the more you learn to listen and live within your intuition and moral compass, the more conscious you are of it.

The psychic plane gives awareness to identify with information outside of normal perception and covers many areas such as clairvoyancy, telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, localizing consciousness, and many more.

      We each put up our own barriers from these abilities, proverbial brick walls perpetuating the illusion of disconnection.

When reconnecting with intuition, it is not thought based! Intuition is that spidey sense that stems from the gut, the sacral chakra.


Transitive Planes

Transitive planes have one important common characteristic: they ‘overlap’ with other planes, and as such, can be used to travel between these overlapping realities.

The astral, ethereal, and dream planes have one important common characteristic; each is used to get from one place to another.

      These planes have the strongest regular interaction with the material plane.

      They have native inhabitants as well.

      Two planes that are separate, that do not overlap or directly connect to each other are like planets in different orbits. The only way to get from one separate plane to the other is to go through a third plane, such as a transitive plane.

      Each of these planes is important to learn and master, like astral projection for mastery of the astral plane (realm), lucid dreaming for mastery of the dream plane (realm), meditation for the mastery of mind, tendons and breath for mastery of body, actions and speech for mastery of areas of the physical plane (realm), etc.

      Just as with the yin and yang symbol, we have the light and the dark, the positive and negative, and where the two meet and emanate from, the gray area, the neutral.

      It is only neutral because it has an equal balance of positive and negative charge.    These are where a plane composed of dense electric and electromagnetic fields ends up being bordered by a transitive plane such as the astral plane, ethereal plane, and the dream plane as they have a neutral charge bordering a positive and negative-charged plane. The astral and etheric planes qualify as a nonphysical plane because time and space are inconsistent here.

      If you were in the etheric plane, you may be able to glimpse the past or the future, or even both simultaneously. The normal space of a room on the physical plane could feel inconsistent on the etheric plane, appearing either smaller or larger. The etheric plane, like the astral plane, is a vast ocean with a very fluid-like nature.

      The etheric plane remains governed by many of the rules of the physical universe despite its ability to wiggle loose of the constraints of time and space as objects are still solid in nature. The ethereal plane is a ghostly realm that exists as a buffer between the material plane and the shadow plane, overlapping each. The ethereal Plane has its own inhabitants, such as ghosts, and bridges the dream plane.

      With each flip in electromagnetism from plane to plane and phase to phase, there are transitive planes as intermediaries.


Astral Plane

The astral plane is a buffer plane bridging the material plane with others. The astral plane is a mirror of the physical plane although not solid as one is able to move through objects like walls, as well as being able to fly or even go under water with no need for air in the astral state. As well, one may travel to the physical reaches of our universe, visiting other planets. There are other beings that use this plane to travel and explore so one may have communication with other living beings on this plane.

      The astral body is also known as the causal body or seed of the subtle body and the gross body, the spirit body.


Probability Plane/Parallels

Parallel universes are one of two things, and they are both happening.

  • Universes created by the probability plane to play out each possible outcome.

  • Universes parallel to ours in the multiverse, as in the sea of the multiverse we are one of countless others.


The probability plane is very much like a large pool of water, where every time a pebble or rock is tossed in, it creates ripples and the ripples cause a chain reaction that break out into and carry out every possibility, by making new parallel universes pop into existence for every possible outcome.

      Every time the universe expands, or we expand individually or collectively, it creates a new dimension. Every time we make a choice or have thoughts on the mental plane, it creates a new dimension on the mental plane, which will fracture/fractal into more dimensions when that choice manifests into the physical by action of word or deed on the physical plane; a new dimension is created on the physical plane, and these will also fracture/fractal into more dimensions of all possible outcomes.

      Within each dimension, we have a three-dimensional figure within our three-dimensional figure of our universe, and within the light and sound and with our anchor of consciousness/soul/spirit and the God Realm, holding reality together as we know it. They split up into multiple planes of existence.

      Whether this is a mental schism (a fracture of the mental states) which creates a fracture then creating a new dimension within one’s own mental plane, this is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the world we are experiencing right before our eyes.    These are the dimensions within each dimension.

      There is also a collective change, whether positive, negative or neutral. This can be a group dynamic or a universal dynamic wherein the many or all change simultaneously, also known in some circles as a ‘Collective Pop!’ Another way to think of it is a wave of forced evolution.

      New dimensions are created all the time just like, let's say, an alternative Earth, the same Earth that we know, which will be described as we go on as its own conscious being in itself. This has its own grid within the grid of the universe of which we are a part, and inside that grid is our own personal grid, our individual self, the I of the universe.

      The why I am here is within that of the I of the universe. Just like the individual atom, cell, animal or a person, there is the I, the individual, but the U in universe and I need to work together—UnI in this verse—as ‘U’ are your own dimension as well as I am my own dimension, being inside a multidimensional within a dimensional structure.

      As this Earth is just one dimension, an alternative dimensional Earth with its own planes and realms, and one for every possibility and outcome, also exists. Therefore, there are endless numbers of dimensions, endless earths, endless possibilities and outcomes.

      In essence, every thought, word, and deed or action fractals into new realities and new dimensions, a labyrinth of possibilities within possibilities and dimensions within dimensions. So being conscious of these acts, deeds, words, and possibilities leads to the understanding of how the ‘Butterfly Effect’ works. This does create a riptide that rips realities into new dimensions of possibilities and other outcomes.


The Dream Planes

The Dream Plane is the plane where we dream. This plane is linked closer and gets spillover from the mental plane. On the dream plane, we can bring others into our dreams or go into someone else's dreams. It’s like everyone having their own individual pool and when you jump in, some of your pool water splashes over to another’s and mingles. Thus, they are creating connections and links between each individual dream plane reality as well as sometimes, those dreaming seeing through the eyes of another who is awake in their daily routine.

      Lucid dreaming is becoming conscious of the fact that you are in that dream-plane state, becoming aware that you are lucid dreaming, and you could either wake up or manipulate the dream plane or just be with whatever is unfolding.

      It is also possible to tap into the dream plane and see and feel as though you are living out some other person’s life. It’s because you tapped into their individual frequency and became a backseat (watcher). One may go into another’s dream pool whilst another is awake in order to be a backseat watcher, as we can jump into each other’s dream pools at this lucid stage.

      Spirits/entities from the spirit plane continue to feed off us on the dream plane, mental plane and physical plane during dream state. These spirits are attacking the mind-body to feed off and weaken our spirit. The feeding of entities upon us during our dream state on the dream plane comes in the fashion of nightmares/night terrors.

      This is where some might have experienced something known as ‘sleep paralysis’ upon waking from this dream plane. People have described seeing dark shadows and menacing beings while in this paralysis. These feeding entities are trying to hold onto you; if you struggle, they get a better grip on that hold.

      When one is dreaming, they’re still having emotions and attaching to the grid. This energy that we are producing from these emotions is fed on by these entities/spirits and they are going to perpetuate your dream state to benefit their feeding.

      On the dream plane, for instance, we can get swept away in the mind and the dream playing out, allowing that dream to control and take us for a ride. When you learn how to lucid dream and become aware and consciously awake that you're dreaming, it becomes a conscious awakening on the dream plane.

      Once lucid on the dream plane, it is possible to move from the dream plane to the astral plane.


The Mental Plane

This plane is of a nonphysical nature. Energy (thoughts) (emotions) (senses) move here in a way beyond the concept of speed. The energy of the mind on the mental plane can instantaneously jump from one place to another and appear in two or more places at once in this form, similar to that of the astral plane, hence the need to master the mind. What was an object from the physical plane now is no longer physical; it just represents the idea of it.

      Perspective in the mental plane lacks cohesiveness, especially over time. The mental plane is the dimension of ideas breaking off and branching into new dimensions and creating whole new realms of what is going on in our mind, our ‘driver’s seat’.

      We think it, then we say it or do it, and that action becomes reality and manifests itself into the physical plane. This plane is the beginning of our Godlike abilities. It is how we are creators, how we make our own destinations in life.

      If I want to create something, I first think about it, then I say it, and then I make it happen. This is called invention, just as an inventor would dream up something new and useful, then tell an investor about it who wants to be involved and invests in the idea, and then the inventor fabricates it into being. This is being a creator, like the    Creator God. It stems from this mental plane. Usually, when we are all gummed up with the ‘monkey mind’ of our racing thoughts, this blocks our creative flow.

      The mind can run around making things up. It can be caught up in the past and the future, causing one often to not live in the present. It can also be when you are in the present moment, becoming caught up in thoughts of the possibilities rather than being fully encapsulated in the moment and allowing all of the senses to be stimulated and come alive. You become, instead, trapped in it rather than living it.

      Subtle body is composed of mind, intelligence, and ego, which control the gross physical body. Also known as the mental body, it (the mind) is one of the subtle bodies in esoteric philosophies. In some religious teachings and in New Age thought, It is understood as a sort of body made up of thoughts, just as the emotional body consists of emotions.

      The mind is stimulated by the five strands of sense, sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing. There are six main internal-external sense-base ‘organs’, each able to be considered its own domain.

      The six internal-external (organ-object) pairs of sense bases are 1) Eye and visible objects 2) Ear and sound 3) Nose and odor 4) Tongue and taste 5) Body and touch 6) Mind and mental objects. We are not limited to these six senses, as scientists have discovered at least two dozen more.


Mind, Intellect and Personality

Just as electrical energy produces heat, sound or light, depending on the device through which it passes, similarly, the energy of consciousness functions through three different but closely connected entities of oneself. These are the Mind, the Intellect, and the Personality.


The Mind

With the power of the mind, one imagines, thinks, and then forms ideas. The non-physical mind should not be confused with the heart, the physical organ that maintains blood circulation, or with intuition streaming from the stomach from the sacral chakra region.

      The mind in itself is an inner realm of existence.


The Intellect

The intellect understands reasons, memorizes, discriminates, and makes decisions. The non-physical intellect should not be confused with the physical brain, which is the physical focus of the nervous system. This ends up being the micro to the macrocosm within one’s own self.


The Personality

This where all of the habits and sanskaras (the building of karmas and defilements) are all embedded in the soul/spirit in the form of impressions as a result of every action performed. The most fundamental feature of every soul/spirit, its personality, is determined by such stored impressions.

      Bad and good are human concepts made in the mind from intellectualizing. Both just are. Again, it is in the human mind where we define these things. There is, however, both positive and negative and these can easily be confused with ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

      Now, what is positive to one person might not necessarily be positive to all people, and this is also true for the negative.

      This works with all of our six senses.

      What is pleasurable tasting to you may not be pleasurable to another. A sound you may enjoy, someone else may very much dislike. The touch sensation of one thing you may find unpleasant, but another might find extremely pleasant. The list goes on.


The Faye Plane

The Faye Plane is where some of the creatures you hear about in fairy tales live, such as gnomes, fairies, pixies, trolls, brownies, elven folk, nymphs, ogres, etc.

      Just like us, the wheels in the cog, we all play very important roles.

      Fairies tend to play with the light and refract it. When you see something glimmer or shine, then there's a fairy making that available.

      Gnomes assist us with the sounds that we hear.

      They travel on their plane of existence, following us around and living with us. When we take our footsteps and when you can hear your own footsteps, there's a gnome making that noise for you. Just as when a bucket falls over and makes a noise, there is a gnome nearby creating that sound.

      As all of this is a holographic image and nothing is solid. They’re important key players in making the illusion continue to be. This is part of the Faye's responsibilities.

      There are several different types of Faye folk and they all hold important roles in the holographic universe and its coding, some playing a role in the dream plane as well.

      We are all wheels and cogs in this holographic universe, yet these beings are key players in keeping the illusion going.


Material or Physical Planes

The material or physical planes, from the microcosms to the cosmos, are also the middle plane, a part of the middle realm in which we interact and can engage with our five basic senses. It is probably the densest plane as the matter here is as solid as it can get. The energetic structure of this plane only allows particles to travel up to the speed of light, but not pass it. It is the environment you are presently in. On a conscious level, you are most likely most familiar with the physical plane.



Demi-planes are ill-defined planes of unusually small size that lie either within other planes or outside the known planes. They are typically, if not always, of finite size.

      This catchall category covers all extradimensional spaces that function like planes but have measurable size and limited access. Other kinds of planes are theoretically infinite in size, but a demi-plane could be a football field in size, but they vary. There are countless demi-planes adrift in reality, and while most are connected to the astral and ethereal planes, some are cut off entirely from the transitive planes.

Coexistent Planes

If a link between two or more planes can be created at any point, the two or more planes are coexistent and these overlap each other completely. A coexistent plane can be reached from anywhere on the plane it overlaps. When moving on a coexistent plane, it is often possible to see into or interact with the plane(s) with which it coexists.


Co-dimensional Plane

Co-dimension is a relative concept, only defined for one object inside another. There is no ‘co-dimension of a vector space (in isolation)’, only the co-dimension of a vector subspace. Or one thing inside another, from macro to micro.



Time is a construct coded in from the coding plane within each torus field. As an example, the earth’s energy field is its own, containing in it many other life forms with their own torus energy fields. And within each of those life forms are others, and this goes on and on, although each is programed with a different lifespan.

      But as real as this seems, this is all just an illusion for the past, present and future are all playing out now. So certain planes are coded with certain time structures and can bleed over to other planes where they will be distorted.

      Time is moldable as it can loop, go forward and/or backwards or turn itself inside out, fold, flip etc. It’s a matter of perception and how you see it.

So, time travel is merely a thought away.

      Many planes experience some form of time’s effects, but others may vary from this physical plane, as well each of the macrocosms experiencing time differently.

      Time emanates at the micro-level of our existence, penetrating the material worlds from the smallest spaces down to the structure blocks and encapsulating energy fields.

      Some might have experienced moments where time felt as if it stood still, a moment that you experienced more profoundly, or maybe you have been in what is referred to as ‘in the flow’ when time slowed down, or even stopped around you. This shows where time is moldable, starting to lift that veil. Time exists only because it is a construct, created by every living being. Plants, animals, people, the rocks, stars, and planets are all within this construct and also constantly creating it.

      Each object programs time as one of the constructs within the programming.    Because time is a construct, the span of a 100-year life can be viewed exactly as would be experienced within a 100-year life, though that is just the perception of time and our construct of it.       

      Because this is a holographic reality, that 100-year construct can actually be experienced in a shorter time. ‘100 years’ on this material plane in this holographic space, and the life of a human is viewed in comparison to the life of a planet or the lifetime of a galaxy, or the entire span of the life of an entire universe.

      We tend to view things according to how important they are right now. And right now, it is what is to be experienced and lived and manifested in, though most only see and engage a glimpse of what is available or what they are capable of, because of held beliefs in false programing, distraction, and misdirection.

      As a perception, 10,000 years can pass by in this dimensional construct while only a minute passes by outside of it.


Hyperuranion, Flip Verse or God Realm

The Flip Verse is the verse of our ‘real’ physical body, where our consciousness is projected from. As we are currently experiencing the canvas, this is the projector, as we have an existence outside the grid, where we find the creators of the grids/matrix, as well as those who have entered the matrix. This is the ‘God Realm’. They are the creators of our omniverse, this virtual reality! The God Realm is that which sits outside of the matrix of this virtual reality.

      Calling it the God Realm is a multiple entendre, as there are layers to what is considered a god from the point of view from the individualized dimensional aspects of consciousness which makes up all.

      These are the players within our grid matrix. They are us. They are also the trees, plants, animals on land, air, water, and under the ground. Everything stems from here because this is the source. This is our source of creation within this matrix. They are our consciousness, the We consciousness.

      Even if multiple entities created this ‘holographic universe’ and whether or not they are players in this multiple player video game, they are all a part of the same game or creators thereof. Therefore, they are all the same, as they are all one with the program in the program. But outside the program, the realm in which this realm was created is what I call a hyper-realm, hyperuranion, or God Realm.

      Then there is the creator of the matrix’s creators, the ultimate Source of all Creation, the totality in and outside the matrix. GOD!


Conclusion to the Planes

Each plane has its own access points and many cross and intermingle. For example, the dream plane and the probability plane both run through four separate other planes of existence: the etheric, the astral, mental, and the spirit planes. And while these two planes cross into the same four planes, both of these planes are separate, as are the four planes they are crossing into.

      It’s like two highways running through the same four states. And each of those four states has its own highway, with each of those highways leading into (or bordering) its own particular realm or kingdom completely unique unto itself, with its highway leading to other planes and realms.

      In the next chapter, we will go over consciousness, looking at what we truly are in this system, to learn what we are outside of the system—as this is the purpose of this virtual reality matrix.


Key takeaways:

  • The planes and phases of existence are not only those of the material world micro to macro, but there are also planes and phases of non-matter.

  • Each of the planes has a transitive bordering plane.

  • The material planes flip back and forth in polarities, magnetically repelling one from another, thus forming varied gravitational fields.

  • Our injected consciousness into the holographic reality is engaging the material through an avatar. The physical body is this avatar.

  • There is much more available than meets the physical eyes or senses.

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