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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within 

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

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Illustration of unilome Ouroboros Dragon no longer eating own tail

Source - Sorcerers and Sorceresses

In many ancient texts, Source is a word used to describe God, the Source of all creation. For the last several hundred years, sorcery has been skewed as evil!

Let us examine this.
The Source, the origin in which all creation arises! Evil? This is the source of our being as everything emanates, grows, and unfolds from that single source of life, and returns to that Source.

God = Generating, Organizing, Destroying.

I believe a good question is why would this be twisted to make those who connect with the source of creation evil? Simply, to keep people from a truth that would set them free, for those who chose and did the work.
We are this Source manifested, as we arise from Source and all there is. Many forget their connection to Source, but they can never be separate from it, as everything is this singularity!

And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. ‘And God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness.’ Positive and negative, good and evil! To sit at the righthand side of God is to be of the light; to sit at the left-hand side of God is to be of the dark.

There have been times in entire cultures where people prized and valued virtue, knowing and working toward advancement in perfection through refinement spiritual alchemists. Prophets, messengers, buddhas and bodhisattvas have come and gone, sharing and teaching paths to illuminate others toward equanimity, some said to possess magickal or supernatural abilities.

Supernatural abilities are obtained through proper cultivation of the mind, body and spirit with virtue, meditation, breath connection, imagination and mental concentration.
This occurs when you accept your true state and let go of the delusion and illusion of separateness, in effect harnessing their innate Source abilities, in returning to Source in a-tone-ment, resonating in harmony, rather than the discord (playing out of tune from the whole).

When people start ripening into their golden age of personal conscious awakening, in being strong in mind, body and spirit, the energetic emotional language can be harnessed by vibrational name, from a state of harmony rather than disharmony.

These entities (energetic language) contain potentiality that when harnessed, magnifies abilities and strengths. However, with each force is an equal and opposite force. So, it has its weaknesses, creating vulnerabilities, which are the possibility of the disharmony of them growing into attachments in redevelopment of the ego.

Many people assume false programming from false prophets and may call sorcery magick, and assume that magick is bad or evil. But what is magick? Is it not in everything that transpires? Isn’t life itself magick? Would not God or Source be magickal? The goal here is not that of development of special powers but of eradicating the defilements, whereas the abilities developed are geared to assist in further cultivating wisdom and achieving ancillary benefits.


Magick cannot increase virtue or eradicate defilements, nor can it mitigate or overcome the hindrance of karma. We will reap what we have sown. The seed of the mind creates, and that of the untamed and undisciplined mind is most often unaware of the chaos it creates.

We create from the seed of the mind a type of chaos magick of thought and emotions, and for most people, they are currently creating and imprinting from a nonconsciousness or unawareness in that they are the one doing the creation, making their own creation chaos.

A sorcerer(ess) has been on a path of self-mastery in mind, body and spirit by working to reach the stage known as an enlightened or ascended master possessing unveiled hidden truths and innate abilities, seeing through the illusion and often able to manipulate reality as most see it, while traveling freely without restriction. To harness from the Source of creation: sorcerer or sorceress.

Someone can be self-realized, possessing access to the inner and outer worlds from use of the singular eye, gain wisdom of the structure, other dimensions, phases and much more before gaining full mastery over their vehicle (avatar) or reach the Heavens.

Sorceresses or sorcerers pull from Source realms as this is direct input with no middleman, so to speak, pulling directly from the light and one with the harmonic tones in working atonements, where energy is freely given. Some dark druids, witches, warlocks, wiccans, wizards, psychic vampyres, etc. pull using the material and spirit worlds most often, pulling from a middleman, often taking energy not freely given or offered (stealing).

Long ago, in their efforts to control, those in power on this physical middle plane set out to hide our true nature. These were Dark Druid Priests who often ruled over kings, queens and pharaohs as their advisors. Still today, dark high priests and priestesses run the churches and many other institutions, in a position of illegitimate power passed down within certain families. And they have remained in control of many of the ‘governing’ bodies, working endlessly to hide this knowledge and perpetuate a form of blindness.

They worship and idolize these demons; this is why we see the world is far from virtue as it has been under attack, with many on a true path accused of sorcery and witchcraft. Real simple, and it is right in front of you in plain sight: those who intentionally connect with the ‘Source of creation’ are practicing sorcery! How can that be evil?

The only people who would want to banish people from connecting to God the Source of creation are those seeking to divide people from Source (God). These ‘lust for power’ families and groups are in positions of illegitimate power because they were never elected by the race they subjugate, but through money and illegitimate power, they still control and manipulate the governing bodies, often against the will of the larger whole because of a few led by desire. They cast the name of these powerful entities (emotional language) into myth and legend and perpetuate emotional ineptitude so they may be used in plain sight, as we use them against ourselves and each other. Most are unaware, as this is out of sight for most without developed emotional intelligence and/or a connection to their singular eye.

Those in that position of power waged campaigns to destroy anyone awake to this knowledge, with all being deemed heretics or savages by the false propagandized truths. Thus, they condemned spiritual alchemy practitioners, shamans, gurus, witches, warlocks, Wiccans, white and gray druids, sorcerers(esses), Gypsies, tribes in harmony with nature or anyone dabbling in the metaphysical were hunted down for a war waged on truth and connection with nature.

Those who know and are connected to truth cannot be controlled, making them the most dangerous to those seeking to control. The ones who survived these campaigns mostly hid in the mountains, jungles, forests or somewhere far away from the general population and from the reach of persecution. Most kept this knowledge hidden, some withdrawing, and with so many in fear of persecution, some coveted, others converted, and memories of it were written off as legend for most, fairytales for others.

Dark druid secret societies misuse this knowledge and power in evil ways, as these ways have been dismissed and thought of as fairytale or in these days, ‘conspiracy theory’, as a deception. This war is still being waged!

In our present day and age, this information is becoming accessible again, not that the information hasn’t always been accessible. Still, it has remained cloaked from normal consciousness for many, with people looking externally rather than within and beyond. The Source is everywhere, and the pathway to find these answers is within you. We are the new ancients; therefore, do the work to find connection with Source and harness purpose.
Through the ages, we go back and forth in polarities, such as the planet cycling through global warming and cooling, expansion and contraction. We also have ages in connection, such as Dark Ages as well as the polar opposite the Golden Ages, even within the phases of the Dark Kingdom.

A Golden Age is when the larger populace of humans (hue-man) are connected with nature and the Source of creation as well as with oneself, mind, body and spirit, aligned with thought word and deed, living free from the confines of the independent self, the ‘I’ as many
see it and referred to ourselves instead as consciously connected to the singularity as a whole.

We are all a part of a singularity, whether we know it or not, this singularity being all the Verses. We are not just in a Uni-verse, but U and I are universes unto ourselves! We are part of a larger multiverse, with micro multiverses inside each one of us, each of us a verse in a
song that can appear to be singular and independent! The ‘I’ or ‘Independent self ’ is within the omni-verse, the totality of all dimensions’ planes and universes, the omni-verse, the whole song. Therefore, we are not separate at all, as we are all a part of the same song contained in the larger whole of a singularity within this structure.

As we are all connected as one singularity, not individual, with that connection, everyone can connect and tap into all aspects of the omni-verse. Sentient beings, seen or unseen with standard eyes within the omniverse, are all interconnected. This interconnectedness can cause disharmony when not understood through awareness and symbiosis.

Harmony within this interconnectedness can arise when awareness arises within. The connection leads to dissolving the ‘I’ and seeing the reality of interconnectedness. It is possible to develop harmony through nurturing the connection of all other things within the singularity. This benefits all life, rather than the ego-based delusion of the independent ‘I’ self, based on selfishness.


Your physical life can be a dedication to a refinement process of spiritual alchemy, a process known and predominantly practiced during different Golden Ages of hue-mankind, rather than the revelry of defiling actions of current times. It’s in the name, the hue when man is kind, hue-man-kind!

Throughout time, it has been said that we have a repeated cycle of strong men cycling into a time of weak men. Currently, we are in a phase of men, hue-men, weak in mind, body and spirit, harboring unbeneficial habits through thoughts, words and deeds. A Dark Age! Far from the light, in a state of what appears to be perpetual dark ages of ego-driven societies in the glorification of earthly desires and lack of emotional and spiritual awareness and intelligence.

This non-equanimous state is what connects you to the physical plane of this matrix. As a result, you are clouded by the illusion of separateness from the singularity, as well as becoming deluded into thinking we are independent and individual. In this clouded state, the ego entities drive further the idea of an independent self, often making excuses for a developed state of being selfish and disconnecting for personal gain, with little to no empathy for one another.

Many people today have become disconnected from their emotional intelligence and strength of willpower, where many have lost sight of the value of living in truth and integrity of character. A moral compass based on true virtue with a strength of spirit has nearly been forgotten by societies consumed by earthly desires in a current system that promotes attachments to the material world as well as to defilements of the soul, such as lust, greed and envy, just to name a few that keep you in this perpetual loop. We are in an actual Holy war, an inner battle to achieve your Christ-like state of being, to live on earth as in the Heavens.

When we get down to it, we find a lot of twists and turns in the discussion of what source are we speaking about when we speak of Gods, even the Ultimate Source of Creation the Supreme Being, as it may and does get confusing as there are multiple ‘gods’.

This is to be as throughout history, there is the source of creation within this system, which have been and are considered creators. Of many other names, they are the archons or architects of this matrix in which we find ourselves, the VR system, and in a way, they are the gods of this system because they are the creators of it.

Like the creators of virtual reality worlds technology that we have today, are the creators of those virtual reality systems of their creation. They are creators (godlike in respects), but not the Supreme Being outside of the program of the VR in the non-VR system.

Those creators also stem from the original Source, as do we, still wrapped up in multiple truths. Outside of this system—whether wrapped and multiple layered—there is a source, the true Source of creation, the actual Source, the O Guru, the One, singular Source,
the Supreme Being.

Are we all one? We are all connected in this projected reality, so in this projected reality, yes! We are all one! Although, outside of this projected reality, my view is we are again individualized and of multiple different species similar to in here, as outside of this system is like a mirror of outside the matrix since we/they too are connected as one with the illusion of separateness. Hence the program to consciously evolve, to understand the totality of what we truly are, in an accelerated fashion!

At this time, we are at a precipice, as the type of information contained in these pages may be discussed and practiced without persecution and death. We may again practice freely to bring ourselves into a higher phase of a time of strong hue-man-kind, coming back to harmony with the light. Carl Jung referred to this shift as ‘Kairos’, an ancient Greek word meaning a shift in the fundamental aspect of world views, principles and paradigms, the right moment for a changing of the Gods. A great awakening!

Know the enemy and know yourself.[88]
~ Sun Tzu

The enemy is within the gates; it is with our luxury, our folly,
our own criminality that we have to contend.[89]
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt
~ Winston Churchill

There is no knowledge more powerful than for one to know thyself.
These emotional attached states are a disharmony of the energies within, hence why I refer to these 108 as the monsters within. When these states are experienced from an unattached harmonious state, then the mind’s eye is free to create, unbound by the attachments. There is no separation, only disharmony, friction.


There are demons, but only in the disharmony that we allow to breed within and spill forth. In pure awareness, an ‘enlightened’ state of body, mind, and spirit is refined to an indestructible state.

There is not just one cause to achieving the state of pure awareness. An action can occur, as a reaction from aligning the body, mind, spirit, and awareness (consciousness) into harmony with one another over time. It is a state one consciously works to achieve and maintain. It is not just given to you, and you won’t just evolve and dissolve your ego without the work involved. In order, there is balance, and you may use this balance to maintain a balance.

In the Dark Kingdom, there will always be chaos as long as there is chaos to be made. Remember the seed of the untamed mind creates from chaos. As long as there is one human alive that remains in discord, outside of virtue and in the affliction of desire and ego, this phase will exist.

Let us not forget one of the laws in the universe:

For each force, there is an equal and opposite force. This is how the dominant roles flipped, and willpower played a role in universal law. In an example, the polarities of those who live in equanimity and those who do not. In duality with polarities, there becomes a divide, like the divide of light and darkness.


The great divide, for example, the Heavens and the Earth or Heaven and Hell in religious texts. Though there too is a phase between the light and the dark, where it is both light and dark at the same time, a grassy field between right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark. There is no path. You become the path, a path not for others to travel, but to light their way.

A main point of what I would like you to understand and walk away with from this book is that this world of the Dark Kingdom will be yours as long as you hold onto any attachment to it in any form. Through this book, I have shared that which needs to be released.
When you understand nothing here in the physical world (the Dark Kingdom) is yours, you will understand that which needs to be let go of, including that of the physical body, hence the fully letting go of the ‘I’, of which the states of ego are the anchors.

Think about it. What do you get to take with you upon physical death? Just the soul/spirit body and consciousness. Everything else is temporary, borrowed while on this plane. When you live as if everything is a gift, you can be in reverence, wonder and awe of the glory of the experience, as well as deep gratitude and admiration of what we are a part of. Then it will be easier to surrender and release that which was never even yours to begin with!

There is a proverb that shares this clearly, though without proper insight and perception, it may be difficult to understand in its depth of truth, in the aspect of ‘to be in this world, but not of it’.


Ryokan, a Zen master, lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of a mountain. One evening a thief visited the hut only to discover there was nothing in it to steal. Ryokan returned and caught him. “You may have come a long way to visit me,” he told the prowler, “and you should not return empty-handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.” The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes and slunk away. Ryokan sat naked, watching the moon. “Poor fellow,” he mused, “I wish I could give him this beautiful moon.”[91]
~ Zen Master Ryōkan Taigu (1758–1831)

To understand and live this path is to understand how to live in a godly nature, which is how to live on earth as in the Heavens. There is a lot going on and this earth plane is a small fraction, and you may gain access to a gamut of other dimensions, such as Eden and the layers of Heavens, when you release your attachment to this plane of existence. 

When you witness what it is to align the mind and body into one, even just once, then you will see why you may want to also align your spirit with those other two. But if you are too busy looking and seeking outside of yourself, this may escape you your entire life!

The external and internal chaos is an immense distraction, as most often we are our own worst enemy, and try as we might, we cannot run from ourselves; wherever you go, there you are! So, face yourself now, and often! Remember you are evolving in the universe as well as evolving the universe itself, that everything is connected, making each action a butterfly effect which has long-lasting effects even after your material body is gone.

Stress plays an enormous role in how well we can see, from our physical eyes to third eyesight. The more one lets go of attachments, adjusting your Karmic diet with self-reflection and behavior changes, the more you benefit your soul rather than polluting it. Only then will you start to harmonize. I dive deeper into relating to and overcoming the 108, virtue and the Karmatic diet system in Karmatic Diet, the Golden Kingdom of this series.

Here is another shortlist of some of the things that may be experienced in no particular order. I have many more on a list that I will be sharing in Dissolving the Material World through Dissolving the Senses in this series. We all have the ability to harness these gifts!

1. Seeing geometric patterns with closed or open eyes.
2. Seeing language of coding scrolling in the air.
3. Intuition - becoming in tune and aligning with your gut instinct, listening to it and following guidance.
4. Lucid dreaming - becoming aware that you are dreaming when asleep, and being able to manipulate the dream such as flying, shapeshifting, creating your own world(s) or traveling devices, pulling others into your dreams or putting yourself into another’s dream, etc.
5. Macro viewing with physical and third-eye assistance.
Macro vision being the ability to zoom in closer than the parameters of the normal human eye, where it literally zooms in and even if one has poor vision, becomes vivid and crystal clear as though as looking through a magnifying glass.
6. Magnification or hyper sense of one or more of the senses.
7. Astral projection - traveling the astral realm with your energetic body. The freedom of the feeling of flight in this form. Splinter projection, splintering the soul into multiple pieces
and going to multiple places at once.
8. Astral entanglement - entangle with another astral form.
9. Cosmic or angelic hearing - hear the songs being sung, or conversations from across the world.
10. Levitation (polar switching).
11. Telekinesis.
12. Past life regressions - seeing your past lives.
13. Remote viewing person, place, thing past, present or future.
14. Telepathy – this includes putting thought in someone’s head as well as hearing other people’s thoughts. Pure honesty, to ourselves and to others... When we can reach a point that we are able to let go and reveal everything, we have an open channel. The degree we need to hide our thoughts is the exact distance we are from telepathic communication.

This is why we frequently see the best examples of telepathy between twins and offspring and their mothers.
An example of working and achieving telepathy would be to first understand that everything is information and constantly being sent and received, even thoughts. In your
mind’s eye, work on seeing thoughts as information that can be tuned into. Focus on the mind you wish to tune into.
Every time your mind wanders, bring yourself back to what you were doing.
Non-judgment and truth are the keys to growth in this department as well as understanding that not all that goes on in your head is your actual feeling on a subject; some are just passing thoughts that have no validity, just passing through. If you are afraid of what others may think, that creates a block. If you have things to hide, this too creates a block. When we are open and accepting on multiple levels with ourselves and others, we can remove these self-made blocks.
15. Time - tapping into the different frame rates, see or travel past or future.
16. Precognition - ability to see events in the future.
17. Inward projection or sight within ourselves and being able to explore yourself plane by plane. One of the broadcasts is you and everything within you (internal micro-viewing from a quantum level through the planes within self or another. Access to manipulate coding at the RNA and DNA to quantum level. Advanced projection consists of being one with all, and in working and manipulating at the quantum, in effect being a quantum mechanic as you can affect things and manipulate them at the quantum level (within yourself or another).
18. X ray vision - Seeing with your eyes closed as though your eyes were open or seeing through material objects. Using the three- or four-staged breathing with your eyes open, take in the spectrum within your optic frame and then close your eyes, keep doing your pranayama breathing, and visualize what is on the other side of your closed eyelids, bringing it into focus.
Keep working your breathing and when the eyes are closed, visualize what you see when your eyes are open until you see through your eyelids, unveiling that things are not as they appear!

Another way to work seeing through things is to work on looking through a wall. Find a wall you want to work on seeing through, and go and look at what is on the other side. 

This might sound like cheating, but it sets the stage to break illusions of the mind.
So, you take a good look from the best perspective of the room if you were looking from the other side of the wall, such as the back of items on the walls, looking forward into the room. Now go back to the other side of the wall to where you will practice looking through the wall. Be in a comfortable position and see through the wall, envisioning everything you saw in the other room and working on bringing it into focus. Whether it be a chair or painting on a far wall or a trinket, focus on bringing that into the mind’s eye, and keep practicing until the wall dissolves and you can see through it.
19. Experience Void
20. Withdrawal of the senses, such as the ability to move through
the tactile sense from heat, cold, pain, etc.
21. Experience emptiness.
22. Manifestation - through emotional welling weaving. The fabric of Verse from micro to macro from the subatomic plane to our universe, to the multiverse throughout, is woven together. Take the focused thought of what is desired to be manifested, along with a welled emotion and you a blend them together into what you are weaving. Envision the threads you are to weave and weave them into the fabric of the universe.
When you are done, let any attachment of it go; just forget about it.

If you have trouble letting the thought of it go, replace the thought with the thought in as you inhale and out as you exhale. Repeat, substituting the thought rather than pushing
it away. As long as you hold onto what you weave, there is an attachment to it, therefore it will not manifest; you must set it free from your creation to set the wheels in motion for
it to manifest. Sometimes, this takes years for it to be let go for the universe to manifest it into reality. By then, often it is something that you no longer need or want. Careful to not be shortsighted.

Another form of weaving can be done as above, adding in a physical element, the thumb and index finger which meet each other. Using the thumb in contact to the pad of the index finger, rotate in a small shape as a starting and ending point.
Clockwise circle to create (do), counterclockwise to undo. I typically use a circle or a triangle using of three main points, ending with a fourth, though this can be done in any shape. Point one is the conception of what is to be created.

Point two is the energetic welling of emotion (emotionally welling how it will be and feel it to live in that manifestation, visualizing it in the mind as though experiencing it, as though it has happened. Instead of saying or thinking I want or need, project through thought or word how it would be nice, and how it would benefit you and others, feeling that emotion as though you are living the experience of it.
Remember selfish creations usually lead to undesirable results, so it is wise to keep this to unselfish creations.

Point three: Give the gift away, letting go of that which has been weaved! If you hold onto it, it will not be able to bloom, for you are holding it hostage; it must be fully let go for it to birth into creation.
The thumb rolls over the forefinger to bring yourself into a single-pointed focus, bringing the mind and body together in one action. Go through the three points as three stages. When all three stages are completed, move to stage/point four.

Point four is retuning point one, where you clear the mind to focus and think only of the sensation of the two fingers rolling together and of the breath. This assists in releasing that which had prior been weaved in weaving anew, resetting the mind to a clear receiving state.

I also use the rolling of the thumb and forefinger technique for single-pointed focus of the mind to the body rather than only for weaving. As I roll my thumb over the tip of my index finger, I focus my mind to be with the sense/ feeling of it working to keep the mind focused and undistracted with all my attention in that tiny space between the thumb and index finger.
23. Peace and harmony with yourself.
24. Flow state – entering a full meditation in blending mind and body during an activity (practice) such as dance or art.
25. Meeting your soul, consciousness. Having one’s consciousness reveal its form. If you are not your thoughts and you are not your body, then what are you? There is a witness; what is this witness? Ask it to reveal itself. For myself, I asked it to reveal itself daily for over three years before it did!
26. Self-Realization – Talk about advanced technology! People everywhere are trying to invent computer chips, implants, glasses, all kinds of tech to allow the sight of holographic imagery that you can interact with. Well, this technology already exists, and it is installed in you. You just need to learn how to access these abilities. A multitude of abilities start opening up, anything you would want to tune into... As with any of them, the more you work on them the stronger they become.

Our abilities become accessible when you become honed and home in on a particular frequency or wave. We just need to tune our receivers to the station we want to hypersense, bringing it into awareness, or absorption. So whatever ability you want to learn, sit and practice it.

Of the different abilities people may strive to tap into, it is important to understand that many of these are byproducts of self-reflection and willpower work in the forms of breathwork, meditations of witnessing, hypersense as sense dissolving, deprivation and or absorption work as well as of cultivating virtue. 

Key takeaways:

- To connect to the Source of creation is sorcery.
- To sit at the right+hand side of God is to be of the light. To sit at the left-hand side of God is to be of the dark.
- The crusades through the years were to stop a true connection with the Source of creation, through manipulation and misdirection as well as fear of persecution of death. Jesus, as an example, was executed for claiming connection to God, as what Jesus was known for was committing sorcery (walking on water, healing the sick, turning water into wine, multiplying food, etc.).
- We are but wheels and cogs in this Verse.
- We have been given the ability to create (manifest).
- We are highly advanced machines and most of us have barely tapped into our many abilities.
- We put up our own blocks.
- Governing bodies on this earth have worked diligently to suppress information like this from the main populace by misdirection and other means.
- Be in this world, but not of it, to rise out of it!
- There is no knowledge more powerful than for one to know thyself.

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