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The Karmatic Diet Series: The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within 

Written by Malakhiyah

Year published: 2022

Book Cover of The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within
Illustration of a fork in the road, with a man taking the path less traveled and tearing into the page and stepping into the book.

School for Ego-based Life

I believe if you truly reflect on the grand scale of everything of which we are part in all its glory and magnitude and only limited to the imagination of consciousness, which is limitless, it would be difficult not to fall to your knees in reverence and awe. Wearing the blinders of the material world, we tend to see through a monoscopic lens! In other words, we see what we are conditioned to see—the things we have been told we will see.

It begins in early childhood when well-meaning adults tell us that what we think we see, hear or sense is simply make-believe.
But is it? All of it?

In quashing what children tell us they see, feel, hear, sense in any way, we also severely restrict our own horizons. Just as we become the products of the stories we hear when young, so too do we see only the world we have been told exists. Each time we tell a child that something they believe in does not exist, we are reinforcing the belief in ourselves.

In adulthood—in Western culture anyway—many experiences gain labels designating them ‘other than normal’. We assign the term paranormal to them, for example. And, of course, many would then say that those who accept aspects of the paranormal have it all wrong. They are frequently considered abnormal.

The problem with this view is we cannot take on anything new; we are looking through that monoscopic lens again. This rigid stance stops us learning—halting us right there at a checkpoint of what is usual and acceptable in our respective societies.

I invite you to venture beyond the checkpoint.

What if the paranormal is in fact, the normal—or a good chunk of it is—and we have been conditioned to reject it as possible? It’s worth thinking about. This is only one example of how the stories people tell us soon become the only reality we believe exists.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world.
Scrub them off every once in a while,
or the light won’t come in. [3]
~ Alan Alda, 1936

My books are organized journals of my journey in seeking answers to some of the biggest questions and pursuing mastery of the body and mind. I will share the things I have learned and unveiled. I have found an appropriate name for them: the Karmatic diet.

This book contains keys and tools for you to start breaking through veils of what you think you are, and what is possible or available. We are advanced technological machines, capable of tapping into areas of the conscious quantum gridwork and able to travel it with the mind’s eye, even if we have not discovered it yet.

This book lays out the grid, along with beginner techniques with which to develop emotional intelligence and tap into the abilities available within all of us.

Using these techniques or keys and proper practice, you should be tapping into the fourth dimension and beyond in no time. The techniques teach how to connect, align and harmonize the mind and body so that you may see the need to develop the conscious connection with the soul.

This book is a foundation to build on and contains a practice known as pratyahara, a withdrawal or disillusion of the senses, although in this book I go over the disillusion of emotional ties, the ego. As this book is the second of the series, it will break down the basics, the rest of the series expounding on more advanced materials.
I will take you on a tour of the fierce nature of the beast of physical and nonphysical existence, showing you the war between darkness and light. The war manifests out into the world we co-create consciously and subconsciously. To show you, you will need to let go of what you are not and relearn what you are. Only this way can you realize your complete purpose and direction.
I, like so many others, was drifting through life, vacant of purpose and direction! I was emotionally unstable, driven by addictive ‘seeking’ behavior patterns and self-centered around immediate needs and gratifications. An empty pit was inside me and I couldn’t fill it, even when I had the perfect wife, a job I enjoyed doing. We were not hurting for money, but I was not happy even though I felt stable in what I thought I had.
I was still my own worst enemy!
My major changing points came across two periods.
I shared this story in the first book of the series but will be sharing it again in this book for those who did not read it. It is important, giving a foundation for where I restarted on my spiritual path and reconnection with God.
The first changing point, I am about to tell you. But to give you some reference for the story, let me first share something from further back when I was a teen, something that gave me a glimpse into the fact there was much more going on than most people accepted.

It showed me that we were all capable of amazing things incredibly early on in life.
I spent some time in a summer-type camp, where one of the counselors shared with me the possibility of astral projection. This is where someone’s spirit body leaves their physical body, often known as an out-of-body experience or OOBE.

I had not heard of this, and it sounded remarkably interesting. After I insisted, I was able to get him to share how he had been taught to do it. Later that night, I lay down in bed and attempted to do exactly what he had told me.

Lo and behold, I was able to do it!

At first, however, my astral body started coming up and out of the top of my head, then I felt sucked back into my vessel as if a vacuum had a hold of me.
I repeated the process from the start, consciously deep breathing, aware of the need to remain calm and composed. This was a skill I needed to learn like any other I wanted to master. It was going to take patience and the right attitude, as well as composure.

This time, it was much easier and my spirit just slid right out of the top of my head. I found myself hovering above my bed, looking down at myself lying there. The second time had been much smoother. Most probably, this was because—as most people find when they have their first astral projection experiences—I had responded
with shock and emotion on the first attempt.

On realizing what was happening, my emotional response produced the common ‘jolt back into the body’. The second time, I knew a little of what to expect and was able to reach a calmer state.

So, now I was somehow floating high in the room, by the ceiling. Everything looked just the same as it normally would, except duller in its color hues, and nothing was solid.
Things did appear tangible until I tried touching them. Then, my hands passed through, unable to grasp anything. I thought I should find the camp counselor who had shared this with me. Then the next thing I knew, I was passing right through the wall of the building, heading outside. I moved to the next-door premises where I found myself looking in through a window; here, five of the male staff counselors were playing a game of cards.

I wonder what cards are in my counselor’s hand?
No sooner had I thought it than I found myself positioned behind him, able to see the cards. After a few minutes of watching, it was time to travel around the camp a little more, after which I went back to my room. As before, my spirit had drifted up against the ceiling, looking down.

On trying to touch my physical body, it ‘swallowed’ me back up.

At first, the counselor found it hard to accept the truth of my astral travels. It seemed too easy, too fast for me to have had the experience so many people were spending years trying to attain and never quite getting there. Well, there was one way to show the truth of it: the revelation of his card game.
“Next door, you were playing cards with four other counselors. Let me tell you what cards you were holding…”
So, I did, then watched his face turn ashen, mouth gaping.

Here was where the love affair with astral projection came to a temporary halt; stunned by my revelation, he told me things that made me nervous to keep doing it. But I never forgot the experiences, and every now and then when I lay down to sleep, it would happen. But I had stopped straying from my physical body.

Much later in life, there came a second transformative event.
I was in the company of a couple of friends and my ex-wife, when one friend pulled out a dried plant, salvia divinorum. He asked if I wanted to try it. I was curious. What could something from a tobacco store do? It looked harmless.

Smoking this stuff out of a pipe, I took a big inhale, and held it... It was harsh on the lungs and not very pleasant tasting, though that thought disappeared quickly as the next thing I knew, my spirit ejected out of my physical body as if someone—or something—had hit the eject button. Of course, having experienced it before purposefully, I knew what that experience was.

This time, however, was a new experience, and not one for which I felt prepared since there was no sense of control. Forcefully projected far from my physical body, I took off into space, literally. It seemed as though several galaxies passed in seconds. Then, I was inside a hallway with a woman standing with her back to me. She turned; she was very appealing, tall with platinum-blonde hair, a kind and loving face. She wore a look of surprise, saying:
“Greetings, you don’t belong here yet! But, since you are here, I will share with you something. You’re doing it wrong! You went there for a purpose, and need to figure it out! Take this. Truth, respect, and nurture life. Understand the polarities! You only have two
chances left!”

I was speechless.
She smiled lovingly, then moved her left hand up from her side to wave it right to left in front of me, immediately propelling me back into my body so forcefully that it slammed backward from where I was sitting. Needless to say, that was the day my perception changed from whimsically going through life practicing different arts and self-disciplines, to where I would dedicate my time to understanding what I was a part of, and what my purpose here was destined to be.

A childhood goal had now become my purpose. I kept thinking about what the woman in the hallway had said, how she had given me a sense of urgency. It was a rough road, the roller coaster of life and all, and I had dug myself deep.

Truth, she said, truth! It was long forgotten in our current society, and now I saw that I did not even know how to be honest with myself.

This really got me started on contemplating myself and witnessing the lies I told to others and to myself. Let me tell you, growing self-aware to that degree is painful and cringeworthy at times; you see all your imperfections. So, the lies were coming back to me thick and fast, like a snowstorm full-on in my face. The lies, the deceptions, the ‘harmless’ tiny untruths that now came back to taunt me.

I witnessed myself now from more of a second- or third-party perspective in mental and physical interactions. Active lies still blurted forth on occasions, so natural had they become to me. It was impossible to stop them since they would be out in the atmosphere before my deeper thoughts kicked in.

Even worse, oftentimes, they were pointless. So, I worked at catching and stopping myself from even letting a single lie cross my lips. Some would still slip through, and I would catch those after the fact, beginning to go back to whomever I could, correcting myself and telling the truth.

Now, I was a different person, a man desperately seeking truth, purpose, and direction. I had a lot of work to do as I was very self-serving and my words could be like daggers. I was not familiar with virtue or in tune with my moral compass.

I was married to the most amazing woman, my angel, but I had addictions and a vacuous pit inside me, along with the overwhelming feeling that something was missing. I did everything I could to try to fill it, but nothing worked. Everyone around me suffered at the same time as I did, most regrettably my wife at the time.


Many of the truths I was facing were things she was unaware of; as it was necessary to walk in truth, that meant going all the way. So I started sharing and revealing some truths that I had been hiding, that ended up with my partner feeling rightfully betrayed. She was hurt. Still, she stuck by me.

Unfortunately, I had no self-discipline. There is something inherently self-destructive within the human psyche per se, something that allows us to make amends, to go through the see what a good boy I am, coming clean—then doing it all over again and hiding it. We do it in small ways—such as supposedly dieting or giving up smoking but keeping a hidden stash—and we do it in major ways, like mine. 

Soon, I was resorting to my old habits of self-sabotage, betraying her once again. I even had the nerve to lie about it afresh. She caught me in the lie, and rightly left. She didn’t want to even see or speak to me this time around. The love of my life left due to my own
doing, and I punished myself for years.
The lie is even worse when you do it a second time after confessing all.
That new corner you said you had turned, and the clean slate you offered meant nothing. It leaves the other with no trust and no alternative.

There I was, alone, a million thoughts all colliding all at once, feeling a deep suffering coursing through me as well as a frenzy of other emotions. A couple of days later, I was sitting in my backyard in the chair where I would relax and meditate, working to direct my mind away from the thoughts plaguing me and redirecting them into thoughts of curiosity and wonder. I wanted to explore the empty space of thin air in front of me, and everywhere.

First, I became overwhelmed but then drifted into a blank state— otherwise known as an empty mind, easing me into a trance-like state where I was awake and aware, but something new was present too, something I had not seen before. It appeared in front of me in the ‘empty’ air.

There was a pattern best described as a holographic projection in thin air, spanning in all directions, layered with overlapping circles.
When I tried to focus on the overlapping circles, my vision zoomed in way beyond normal human sight—and quickly. I saw a whole universe inside, then my vision zoomed back out and I saw the pattern again, now more vividly, a sea of universes.

Shocked at what I was witnessing, the experience jarred me. Then the sight vanished, and I was left dumbfounded and wondering what had just happened. I immediately called to share the experience with an associate I thought might have insight.
“You’ve been reading too much multiverse theory by a certain physicist, that’s clear enough,” he said. It was something between an intended truth and a joke. Certainly, what he said made some sense, but I had not, nor did I ever find and read that book he alluded to.

After this, I started seeing the pattern on other occasions and later found pictures of it. I came to find what the pattern was called—the Flower or Tree of Life. In a later projection, I discovered that it is also the DNA of the omniverse which I go into much further in the first book of this series, The Universal Playing Field.

Though I had managed to see a wondrous insight into what we are all a part of, and although I had been given this extra sight for a short time, my wife never did come back.
That alone was flipping my world upside down, more than one would imagine given all the wonders I was now living through. But she had been my day-to-day reality and my grounding.


Now, I was in freefall. There had to be a way to achieve peace. I was about to say to achieve peace again—but as I mentioned, I had never had it in the former life.
There had always been a sense of seeking and searching, of missing something.
I started focusing more on my practices and searching out new ones, working on becoming a better me. I traveled, stayed in a few monasteries, learned from masters of internal arts, attended meditation retreats, always in the pursuit of answers.

And I did get some answers and more, receiving tangible tools. These led to an inner peace that enables me to give gratitude every day.

To change your life as I managed to change mine, first, you need to empty your proverbial cup, forgetting what you think you know and what everyone has been telling you throughout your lifetime, and go into this with an open mind. Reality truly is stranger than fiction. 

I have shared some pretty far-out stories so far; if you are still with me, I am going to take it a step further because I have discovered some wild revelations.
There is simply no polite way to tell people that they have dedicated their lives to an illusion on multiple levels at a grand scale, and that much of what they have been taught is false or half-truths, one of the grandest falsehoods revolving around the Dark Ages.

What I am going to share may be a hard pill to swallow, but I am going to
prove it, so stick with me.
Some think that we may have moved out of the Dark Ages; I mean, we have been told that, have we not? However, the Dark Age does not only refer to a period in history.
The Dark Age is also the Dark Kingdom.
As you are reading this book, you are in the vibrational phase of reality which I refer to as the Dark Kingdom. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary published 1913 defines a vibrational phase as:
Any part of the path described by a particle or body in making a complete vibration, in distinction from other parts, as while moving from one extreme to another, or on one side of the line of the rest, in distinction from the opposite. Two particles are said to be in the same phase when they are moving in the same direction and with the same velocity, or in corresponding parts of their paths. [4]

This alone is an in-depth topic but in simple terms, we can view it as a distinction in the line between matter and non-matter/dark matter.
This phase is matter-based existence, the physical world, a place where most are unaware about truth and simply exist in a perpetual state of ignorance. On this journey, we wander in the darkness before finding the light, for you can only be as light as the shadows and darkness you have faced and illuminated.

We will begin with foundational knowledge about the Golden Age. This comes from Greek mythology and includes the fall of peoples from the ‘light’—popularly known as Eden or the Heavens.

What I refer to as the Golden Kingdom is a garden comprising both light and dark, positive and negative, existing together in neutrality. We are currently in a garden of positive and negative, engaging in the fruit from the tree of life, separating us from neutrality by the 108 aspects of ego—self—residing on the denser carbon planes making up most forms of life in the lower dimensional phases. That is to say, we remain in the lower dimension, on the denser carbon planes, duping ourselves into believing we are more ‘illuminated’ than we are.

The Golden Ages are the time periods illuminating this fact; as I mentioned earlier, to know the light, we must see the dark. The Dark Ages are the periods during which this illumination is largely suppressed, the majority of people being unwittingly in the ‘dark’ about truths of the great mystery! If you were to ask popular opinion, people would say they feel informed and illuminated compared to past centuries. This is just a case of misleading ourselves—in the same way as our society and civilization misleads itself as a whole.

The current Dark Ages within the Dark Kingdom started up again around 400AD and have not subsided but continue, even as of this writing. Though there are and have been those seeking to suppress this information, it is and has been available for any who truly seek within themselves to find it. Teachers and masters abound, notwithstanding the outside influence of suppression.

There are multiple phases of reality as well as micro and macrocosms within each phase. To go a little more in depth into phases of reality, they are a region of space throughout which all properties of a material are uniform, such as in density, magnetization, index of refraction, or chemical composition. A simple description is that a phase is a chemically uniform and physically distinct region of material on the matter spectrum.

For example, each different tone in harmonics is its own phase as a distinction from other tone densities.

Another example of phases is that in a glass of ice water, the water is one phase, while the ice is another, the condensation on the glass is another—as it is evaporation—then the glass itself is yet another.

Each phase extends a boundary, separating it from the other densities, so there is no melding and merging.

In the case of phases of reality, we are speaking of the boundaries of separation from matter, non-matter and dark matter, so our physical world is a phase, the dream world another phase. Many realities exist on phases outside of the carbon phase too.

To understand micro and macrocosms, imagine looking through a microscope at an organism and being able to see it through levels of magnification or looking into space through a telescope to explore the outer macrocosm.

Each phase of existence is its own kingdom as well as each layer of microcosm to the macrocosms also known as the inner, middle, and outer worlds within each of the phases, and the keys to access different-phased kingdoms are vibrational frequencies. Key vibrational frequencies are like the channels on a television or stations on the radio, each broadcasting on their unique channel.

If you have ever owned a vintage turn-dial radio, you may have noticed the broadcast band can cross; they are all a part of the same thread of vibrational frequency. It can take some time and effort to tune out one and bring another into distinction.

The Dark Kingdom is a phase of reality. You end up here when you eat the fruit of ego and become cast out of the Golden Kingdom (Eden or Heavens). The fruit of ego lowers vibrational frequency, thus delivering you to a denser vibrational aspect of existence, like the difference between what some people view as Heaven and Hell.
The Dark Kingdom, therefore, can be considered a phase of Hell.

Many cultures refer to the Phase of the Dark Kingdom as Saṃsāra. Saṃsāra—Sanskrit—means wandering the world of cyclic, circuitous change. The cycle of death and rebirth of all life, matter, and existence in the temporal world is rooted in suffering and filled with perpetual earthly desires that can lead individuals and the collective astray. Free will is always going to cast temptations, the human response to these that in part determines what ensues. This is the first of the four noble truths that Gautama Buddha taught.

But the human response is not the only factor.

Have you ever wondered why needless suffering continues—and seems to increase—when we live in a time where we have the skills, education, wealth and infrastructures to eradicate much of this, such as hunger, shelter, poverty, etc.? While we are correct to blame the usual culprits of desire, consumption and greed, there are other factors for this consistent stall.

The tides never seem to change and evolve for the betterment of all life, no matter what efforts and funds we throw at the problems. The issues are perpetual. Quell one, and another issue will arise. Two or three fresh issues will show up.

With each force exists an equal and opposite force that makes it so that things cannot ‘get better’ or ‘worse’ concerning the suffering around the planet. It just keeps equally bouncing back and forth in a perpetual state based on ego and suffering.

This is the neutral state in this vibrational phase of reality of the Dark Kingdom. Imagine it as akin to a water wheel. We displace water from one area of the wheel, but it still must find a path. It drops down into the next channel. To rid it from there, we need to channel it ever onward. And so, displacement—eradication or amelioration—of a world crisis in one aspect or region will not achieve overall global improvement. The water will simply tumble away into something else, transformative.

The proof for this was long since ‘hidden in plain sight’, demonstrating that science as well as history have been suppressed and skewed for years.

So let’s examine this.

man exits a tear in page
ouroboros or uroboros illustration

The beast hidden in plain sight is the Dark Kingdom where we chase and eat our own tails in ego, desire, and suffering, wandering aimlessly in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The ouroboros or uroboros (pictured above) is a depiction of the beast. The bound inner, middle and outer physical planes or worlds demonstrate the macroto

You may also notice the cross with a circle in the center, the cross of binding and suffering in the triple ouroboros illustration. This symbol has found a use in leading people astray. It focuses on the suffering on the cross of crucifixion, while misleading people to indulge in emotional and sensational ties encouraging followers to seek outside of themselves instead of seeking within, dissolving the bonds of the beast.

We are a part of this system of the beast. Most often, imagery in older times presents the beast as a dragon, slowly adapting in newer times to become a serpent. The delusionary aspect of the beast will work to make you deaf and blind to the truth laid out in front of you.

Many people would still disagree that this is a phase of Hell! If you cannot find Heaven in the midst of Hell, you are not looking as the phases bleed together. Like positive and negative that have a meeting point or convergence, what one person considers Hell—whether mental, emotional, or sensational—another may find to be Heaven. It is about finding and being aware of those states within yourself, as there are wonders and amazements amidst horrors and atrocities. In the duality of perception, mental, emotional, and sensational experiences can be levels of Hell all alone.

This short parable gives a fitting example:

The Gates of Paradise
Nobushige, a soldier, came to Hakuin, a famous Zen Master, and asked, ‘Is there really a paradise and a hell?’
‘Who are you?’ inquired Hakuin.
‘I am a samurai,’ Nobushige replied.
‘You, a samurai!’ exclaimed Hakuin. ‘What kind of lord would have you as his guard? You look like a beggar!’
Nobushige became so enraged that he began to draw his sword.
Hakuin continued, ‘So you have a sword. It is probably too dull to even cut off my head.’
Nobushige brandished his weapon.
Hakuin remarked, ‘Here, open the gates of hell.’
At these words, the perceptive samurai sheathed his sword and bowed.
‘Here, open the gates of paradise,’ said Hakuin.
~ Mujū DŌkyŌ: Shasekishū [5]

With the high of highs and the low of lows of what seems to be an endless roller coaster in the continuous bouncing back and forth between pleasure and displeasure, like and dislike, mental, emotional, and sensational heavens or mental, emotional and sensational hells, all these are based on the aspects of ego in the phase of the Dark Kingdom. With this, we have learned the second of the Four Noble Truths, that suffering has a cause, and before we dive deeper into the cause, let us first go deeper into what it is of which we form a part.

Journey with me as I assist you in understanding one of the great mysteries plaguing mankind, so that we may remove a veil of ignorance from your vision with this knowledge, enabling you to see with clear eyes and overcome one of the greatest obstacles of suffering.

The information I am going to share has lain concealed from you on purpose, and with this insight you will start to see why those who seek power and control over others would do so.

Many have been a part of a holy war in which they never knew they were involved, and fighting it each day of their lives. This holy war has been going on inside every one of us, and many have unwittingly surrendered to it. Keep this in mind.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was
convincing the world he did not exist.[6]
~ Charles Baudelaire

We are in the belly of a beast, where we become plagued with beasts, the monsters within.

Hence why humankind can be and currently comprises the most monstrous creature on earth. To wrap your mind around this to see the truth of the matter, it is helpful to understand what many religions have been saying about the infamous 666, as stated in Revelation 13: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding reckon
the meaning of the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is 666.”


The English word ‘reckon’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to calculate or solve’. So, this becomes a matter to solve, and using the structure of matter to solve this, we find that this is not only in the number of mankind but also in the number of the plane of existence upon which man lives. Let us journey to see how.

The six trinity, 666, ‘the number of the beast’:
The beast comprises phases of lower-density structure of the physical matter world, the matter of which is carbon-based. Carbon’s atomic number is 12 (1+2=3), composed of 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons: 6,6,6. Carbon makes up most all organic matter of life, the matter planes, the planet earth and including man. Hence, the beast is a monster hidden in plain sight, defined by the atomic structure of the building blocks from which we and the earth are made. The ‘beast’ means that state of chasing and eating one’s own tail in ego, desire, and suffering, wandering aimlessly in the cycle of life, death and rebirth, home of the individual I.

The ouroboros or uroboros, the image of a dragon or serpent eating its own tail, is a depiction of the beast, showing the inner, middle and outer physical planes of our existence, macro to micro.

Now we have exposed the nature of the beast for what it truly is, let us examine more deeply the real monsters within so that we may learn how to overcome, through using this knowledge to approach life in a different way than when we were in the dark on this matter.
To understand energetic emotional entities, we must first have a basic grasp of the body’s energetic system. So, let us illuminate further.

ouroboros or uroboros illustration

Key takeaways:

- A war rages within us between darkness and light.

- The Dark Ages have never ended. In fact, the term ‘Dark Ages’
refers to the Dark Kingdom, a place of ignorance and Hell, with
seemingly endless suffering.

- This place is where people end up when they have eaten of the
fruit of ego.

- The number of the beast, ‘666’, refers to the three-dimensional
physical matter composed of 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons:

- The beast is the Dark Kingdom, the matter carbon planes.

the dark kingdom 108 monsters within book cover

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