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The Karmatic Diet Series


The 108 Monsters Within

The 108 monsters within are a living energetic language of entities known as demons, amongst many other names throughout history. There is a great deal of shrouded mystery around these entities. I lay the groundwork to uncover what has been hidden in plain sight and start exploring how they relate to us and us to them.

Illustration of a man in a possessed rage with hooks in his back held by multiple demons

All cultures have names for these entities as there are many of them, able to affect us in our sleep and waking. They are responsible for night terrors and sleep paralysis as well as low to extreme levels of possession. Some of the names for these entities over time, from different cultures around the world, are: Demons; Devil; Shaitan; Satan; Saten; Bhoot; Bhuta; Archons; Aeons Asuras; Mara; Mare; Druden; Rakshasa or Rakshasi; Old Hag; Djinn; Jinn; Genie; Jaini; Night Demon; Daimon; Daemon; Maneaters; Æsir; Daityas; Hungry Ghosts; Energy Vampires; Dybbuks; Incubus and Succubus, Demierge, amongst many others over the years.

These demons are also referred to as bonds, passions, worldly desires, earthy bodies, parasites, poisons, mind poisons, negative spirits, evil spirits, dark forces, ego, the fruit, kleshas, the 108 aspects of (lunar) ego, the 108 energetic emotional entities, the 108 earthly desires, the 108 defilements, defiled emotions, sin, vices, conditioning factors, masks, evil, impurities, energetic blockages, mental disturbances, attachments, deadly sins, mental illness, afflictions, destructive emotions, earthly defilements, etc.

We are a vessel/host for the entities of the 108, this is how the race of man can be the most vicious monsters on the planet. It does not matter how mankind may purport to solve crimes against one another—race wars, environmental atrocities, land wars, and so on—because there will always be the negative-positive push-pull. Man, acting through the 108, will only create a new atrocity—or multiple—to make up for the one ‘solved’ or resolved.

These entities use the human body like a puppet master uses a marionette, making it so we become these monsters if we allow ourselves the energetic push by sensational or emotional reactions and attachments. These entities are consumers by nature, and we surrender to their influence, resulting in addictive behaviors and patterns. We either allow them to pass through us, or we hold onto them and allow them to fester in the mind and body, internalizing and exacerbating the energies. In these cases, we, in a fashion, become the monsters we should be working to rise above. If we leave these spirits to their own devices, they will take over the mind and body.

Let's meet the 108 A-Z

1) Abuse

2) Acedia

3) Addiction/Dependance

4) Aggression

5) Ambition

6) Anger

7) Arrogance

8) Baseness

9) Blasphemy

10) Callousness

11) Capriciousness

12) Censoriousness

13) Contempt

14) Cruelty

15) Cursing

16) Debasement

17) Deceit

18) Deception

19) Delusion

20) Derision

21) Desiderium

22) Desire for Fame

23) Discord

24) Disrespect/ Disrespectfulness

25) Dissatisfaction

26) Dogmatism

27) Dominance

28) Eagerness for Power

29) Effrontery

30) Egoism

31) Envy/Enviousness

32) Excessiveness

33) Faithlessness

34) Falseness

35) Furtiveness

36) Gambling

37) Garrulity

38) Gaudium

39) Gluttony

40) Greed

41) Grudge

42) Hard-heartedness

43) Hate/Hatred

44) Haughtiness

45) High-handedness

46) Hostility

47) Humiliation

48) Hurt

49) Hypocrisy

50) Ignorance

51) Imperiousness

52) Imposture

53) Impudence

54) Inattentiveness

Illustration of a demon puppeteering a man

55) Indifference

56) Ingratitude

57) Insatiability

58) Insidiousness

59) Intolerance

60) Intransigence

61) Irresponsibility

62) Jealousy

63) Know-it-all

64) Lack of Comprehension

65) Lecherousness

66) Lust

67) Lying

68) Malignancy

69) Manipulation

70) Masochism

71) Mercilessness

72) Miserliness

73) Negativity

74) Obsession

75) Obstinance

76) Oppression

77) Ostentatiousness

78) Pessimism

79) Prejudice 

80) Presumptuousness

81) Pretense

82) Pride

83) Prodigality

84) Quarrelsomeness

85) Rage

86) Rapacity

87) Ridicule

88) Sadism

89) Sarcasm

90) Scheming

91) Seducement/Seduction

92) Self-Denial

93) Self-Hatred

94) Sensuousness

95) Shamelessness/


96) Sloth

97) Stubbornness

98) Tormenting

99) Tyranny

100) Unconscientiousness

101) Unkindness

102) Unruliness/


103) Unyielding

104) Vanity

105) Vindictiveness

106) Violence

107) Violent Temper

108) Wrath

These are the basics of the roots of ego and of defiling actions. Secondary defiling emotional states stem from the primary 108 defilements. These secondaries are a result of engaging one or more of the primaries such as guilt, shame, anxiety, OCD obsessive compulsion, paranoia, insecurity, depression, unworthiness, irritability, etc. Though they may appear primary, they are results of the primary 108.

I go over in depth and define each of the 108 monsters within along with the corresponding virtues in The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within.

The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within continues the journey from the Universal Playing Field of the Karmatic Diet series through the omniverse tapestry, focusing with elucidation on the 108 monsters within. These pages illuminate that the darkness within, or monsters, are that which has yet to be illuminated by awareness.

This guide helps the reader transcend their understanding of the universe and how everything shares a balanced connection, right down to an individual's emotional state. 108 Monsters Within teaches the reader the dangers of certain emotional states, and how to not only recognize when these states arise within oneself, but also how to redirect them to become more balanced and positive through a series of simple breathing techniques and mental wellness teachings.

Utilizing sensible keys, tools, and tried-and-true practices, this second book in the series creates a foundation for the reader to build on, to utilize in their everyday life as they strive toward mental, emotional, and physical oneness with the universe. The pages contain a practice known as pratyahara, meaning a withdrawal or disillusion of the senses. Here we focus on pratyahara of the mind and emotion.

This book is perfect for individuals who are new to this line of thinking or those who would like to continue seeking truth, The Dark Kingdom has a little bit of everything: emotional self-help, science, and spiritual guidance.

If you would like to learn more about the108 monsters within check out the newly released book 

The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within.

An illustration of a woman sitting face to face with her demon, both in meditation pose.
Illstration of the cover for the book the Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within.

Learn to break free of the system

Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one - and that was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust, and avarice, but the one secret confers life, light, and truth.

~ Manly P. Hall

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