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Are we still in the Dark Ages?

Some think that we may have moved out of the Dark Ages; I mean, we have been told that, have we not? However, the Dark Age does not only refer to a period in history the Dark Age is also the Dark Kingdom, a phase of matter-based existence, the physical world, a place where most are unaware about truth and simply exist in a perpetual state of ignorance. On this journey, we wander in the darkness before finding the light, for you can only be as light as the shadows and darkness you have faced and illuminated.

The Dark Kingdom is a phase of reality. You end up here when you eat the fruit of ego and become cast out of the Golden Kingdom (Eden or Heavens). The fruit of ego lowers vibrational frequency, thus delivering you to a denser vibrational aspect of existence, like the difference between what some people view as Heaven and Hell. The Dark Kingdom, therefore, can be considered a phase of Hell.

Many cultures refer to the Phase of the Dark Kingdom as Saṃsāra.

Saṃsāra—Sanskrit—means wandering the world of cyclic, circuitous change. The cycle of death and rebirth of all life, matter, and existence in the temporal world is rooted in suffering and filled with perpetual earthly desires that can lead individuals and the collective astray. Free will is always going to cast temptations, the human response to these that in part determines what ensues. This is the first of the four noble truths that Gautama Buddha taught.

Have you ever wondered why needless suffering continues—and seems to increase—when we live in a time where we have the skills, education, wealth and infrastructures to eradicate much of this, such as hunger, shelter, poverty, etc.? While we are correct to blame the usual culprits of desire, consumption and greed, there are other factors for this consistent stall.

The tides never seem to change and evolve for the betterment of all life, no matter what efforts and funds we throw at the problems. The issues are perpetual. Quell one, and another issue will arise. Two or three fresh issues will show up.

With each force exists an equal and opposite force that makes it so that things cannot ‘get better’ or ‘worse’ concerning the suffering around the planet. It just keeps equally bouncing back and forth in a perpetual state based on ego and suffering.

This is the neutral state in this vibrational phase of reality of the Dark Kingdom. Imagine it as akin to a water wheel. We displace water from one area of the wheel, but it still must find a path. It drops down into the next channel. To rid it from there, we need to channel it ever onward. And so, displacement—eradication or amelioration—of a world crisis in one aspect or region will not achieve overall global improvement. The water will simply tumble away into something else, transformative.

We are in the belly of a beast, where we become plagued with beasts, the monsters within.

Hence why humankind can be and currently comprises the most monstrous creature on earth. To wrap your mind around this to see the truth of the matter, it is helpful to understand what many religions have been saying about the infamous 666, as stated in Revelation 13: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding reckon the meaning of the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is 666.”

The English word ‘reckon’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to calculate or solve’. So, this becomes a matter to solve, and using the structure of matter to solve this, we find that this is not only in the number of mankind but also in the number of the plane of existence upon which man lives. Let us journey to see how.

The six trinity, 666, ‘the number of the beast’:

The beast comprises phases of lower-density structure of the physical matter world, the matter of which is carbon-based. Carbon's atomic number is 12 (1+2=3), composed of 6 neutrons, 6 protons, and 6 electrons: 6,6,6. Carbon makes up most all organic matter of life, the matter planes, the planet earth and including man. Hence, the beast is a monster hidden in plain sight, defined by the atomic structure of the building blocks from which we and the earth are made. The ‘beast’ means that state of chasing and eating one’s own tail in ego, desire, and suffering, wandering aimlessly in the cycle of life, death and rebirth, home of the individual I.

The ouroboros or uroboros, the image of a dragon or serpent eating its own tail, is a depiction of the beast, showing the inner, middle and outer physical planes of our existence, macro to micro.

You may also notice the cross with a circle in the center, the cross of binding and suffering in the triple ouroboros illustration. This symbol has found a use in leading people astray. It focuses on the suffering on the cross of crucifixion, while misleading people to indulge in emotional and sensational ties encouraging followers to seek outside of themselves instead of seeking within, dissolving the bonds of the beast.

We are a part of this system of the beast. Most often, imagery in older times presents the beast as a dragon, slowly adapting in newer times to become a serpent. The delusionary aspect of the beast will work to make you deaf and blind to the truth laid out in front of you.

Many people would still disagree that this is a phase of Hell! If you cannot find Heaven in the midst of Hell, you are not looking as the phases bleed together. Like positive and negative that have a meeting point or convergence, what one person considers Hell—whether mental, emotional, or sensational—another may find to be Heaven. It is about finding and being aware of those states within yourself, as there are wonders and amazements amidst horrors and atrocities. In the duality of perception, mental, emotional, and sensational experiences can be levels of Hell all alone.

This short parable gives a fitting example:

The Gates of Paradise

Nobushige, a soldier, came to Hakuin, a famous Zen Master, and asked, ‘Is there really a paradise and a hell?’

‘Who are you?’ inquired Hakuin.

‘I am a samurai,’ Nobushige replied.

‘You, a samurai!’ exclaimed Hakuin. ‘What kind of lord would have you as his guard? You look like a beggar!’

Nobushige became so enraged that he began to draw his sword.

Hakuin continued, ‘So you have a sword. It is probably too dull to even cut off my head.’

Nobushige brandished his weapon.

Hakuin remarked, ‘Here, open the gates of hell.’

At these words, the perceptive samurai sheathed his sword and bowed.

‘Here, open the gates of paradise,’ said Hakuin. [3]

~ Mujū DŌkyŌ: Shasekishū

With the high of highs and the low of lows of what seems to be an endless roller coaster in the continuous bouncing back and forth between pleasure and displeasure, like and dislike, mental, emotional, and sensational heavens or mental, emotional and sensational hells, all these are based on the aspects of ego in the phase of the Dark Kingdom. With this, we have learned the second of the Four Noble Truths, that suffering has a cause

We are currently in a garden of positive and negative, engaging in the fruit from the tree of life, separating us from neutrality by the 108 aspects of ego—self—residing on the denser carbon planes making up most forms of life in the lower dimensional phases. That is to say, we remain in the lower dimension, on the denser carbon planes, duping ourselves into believing we are more ‘illuminated’ than we are.

Now we have exposed the nature of the beast for what it truly is, lets illuminate the real monsters within so that we may learn how to overcome, through using this knowledge to approach life in a different way than when we were in the dark on this matter.

The 108 monsters within are a living energetic language of entities known as demons, amongst many other names throughout history. There is a great deal of shrouded mystery around these entities.

The 108 are the children of darkness as they are unseen, dark matter which makes them of the dark, while we humans are of the light, for we are visible matter. Hence a basic difference between matter and dark matter. This is why the ego is called the shadow self.

Though many monsters do walk among us, their true identities tend to be hidden, veiled by a host. We are these hosts. The real monsters are within us; some of the most dramatized and personally witnessed ‘possessions’ and other supernatural events of this sort are not from ghosts but rather from the entities of the 108.

It is because we are a vessel/host for these entities that the race of man can be the most vicious monsters on the planet. It does not matter how mankind may purport to solve crimes against one another—race wars, environmental atrocities, land wars, and so on—because there will always be the negative-positive push-pull. Man, acting through the 108, will only create a new atrocity—or multiple—to make up for the one ‘solved’ or resolved.

Our personal electromagnetic energy grid is our life energy field. We each have one as we are electromagnetic beings. (I examine this in The Universal Playing Field in the series). This life energy field is the energy grid the spirit energetic body attaches—as the chakra and nadis systems—to the physical body’s marmas and meridian.

Our electromagnetic grid is affected by the emotional and sensational states as well as being causally related to breath rate. When we change into an emotional state, our breathing rate also changes with it. If a person has an emotional response of pleasure or displeasure, if they react in the state of ego, it will latch onto an energy point in their personal grid. When attached, the energetic entities go about their parasitic business, digging in and taking root blocking paths or clogging one or more of the highways and causing energy leaks.

We want to keep these energy highways uninhibited and flowing between the energetic spirit body and the physical body. Energy needs to keep moving, otherwise it is forbidden from behaving as energy at all. Energy goes where thought flows. The emotional entities (aspects of ego) are already energy, the energy that lies on the left or right hand of Source which may be viewed as a multitude of things positive and negative, dark and light in a separateness, permeating the lower density structure, and including demons and angels.

On the left-hand side, we have a negative flow of energy, while on the right-hand side, we have the positive flow. Thus, 0 is source, while to the left is the displeasure (bad), and to the right is the pleasure (good). In their levels of expression, both are 987654321 - 0 + 123456789. The mind can magnify or dissipate this energy, making it so the energetic concept of angels or demons may live through us energetically per our thoughts, words and actions.

In biblical text referring to the right hand of God are those living godly lives and walking in virtue and purification, in the light of being good or positive. The left is that of the dark, viewed as evil or negative. As God separated light and dark, dark fell at the left and light at the right hand side of God. So, the below verse is referring to the enemies within.They are the 108 monsters within.

A Psalm of David. The Lord says, “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”

~ Psalm 110:1 ESV

He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.

~ Hebrews 1:3 ESV

These energies of positive and negative span a large spectrum. When a person harbors energy on either side of the spectrum, it can affect the health of the physical body in a positive or negative way. Attaching to emotions brought on by experiences will affect your energy grid.

The emotional state(s) can take root and become a habitual or addictive behavior or thought process. If you see experiences from the perspective of an outsider and avoid holding onto the emotions, then these entities will not attach to your grid, but will pass through and move on. Your unemotional state facilitates their passage from you.

A step in this direction, to comprehend what they attach to, would begin with understanding our energetic system in which our own life current comes from the chakra and nadis system.

Excerpts from ~ The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within

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