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To Cure an Emotionally Enept Society

The mass brainwashing of the general public and especially the youth have been emotional ineptitude, a perpetuated confusion of the polarities that we exist in.

Emotional intelligence appears to be being pushed as a thing of the past. And emotional ineptitude promoted. The attachment to emotional states can lead to spectrums of experience such as madness. Currently, we're calling the madness from emotional experiences, mental illness. Which is a form of mental illness that leads to the mind being in states of dis-ease. But the way it's being treated is by perpetuating it by our current education systems, music, entertainment programming, and by many "leaders" around the world. This leads people astray and in confusion as the solution to the overwhelming mental illness especially in the United States is the development and education of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence used to be a thing that was prized. There used to be a saying that I heard all the time when I was a child: Stix and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Being taught that words shouldn't hurt, that they're just an opinion is vital. We all have different opinions, even of the weather, though usually another’s opinion on the weather is not a trigger that evokes us.

What needs to be brought back, taught, and prized is emotional intelligence. This would take each and every one of us to learn emotional intelligence in order for the younger and future generations to be brought up in it. Unfortunately, parents and teachers alike are unable to teach something that they never were fully taught and learned themselves.

Many might say, I am emotionally intelligent. Now I ask, are you really being truthful with yourself?

Do you know the polarities of emotion and how to be neutral within them? Or do you identify with emotions as yourself, maybe even in your speech? Because if you speak it, it means that you think it, therefore that's what you identify with.

Emotions work to confuse you to identify with them. I'm angry, I'm lonely. But are you these things? Are you the emotions that you experience?

How can we be the emotions which are identified through our senses, which we experience when they come and go like the wind? We can hold on to them for a while but eventually they go into the background or away. And come again some other day.

When the wind blows by and you experience it, are you the wind? I felt it therefore I am the wind. We can identify whether the wind was strong, weak, hot, or cold. We can identify our experience of externals such as oh yes, it's cold, or dang it's hot, but I found many people instead say I'm hot, or I'm cold. These are just spectrums of identification of experience. Because hot and cold are on the same thread just different spectrums of it. Like all emotions, as well as senses.

But are we these things? No. Even if the physical body starts to heat up, you're not really hot your experiencing your physical body getting hot. And eventually, it'll cool down to the neutral state or at another time get cold, but those come and go. Also, like the physical body which is not what you are, it's just an avatar you use to experience this aspect of existence.

Emotional intelligence is developed through understanding the polarities and the spectrums they're in. The spectrums work like this. We have one through nine in both positive and negative with zero at the source neutral state.

987654321 - 0 + 123456789

At the 1’s on either side, we have either grasping or rejecting, pleasure or displeasure, like or dislike, sweet or bitter.

These are experienced from 1 slight to 9 levels of madness. The more one attaches to the emotional states and identifies with them the stronger the grip they develop, and these people find they have little to no control over themselves, that most of life was a reaction to stimulus. To the point where it becomes the emotions that drive one’s body and mind, weakening one’s spirit.

And so, as long as one is in these emotional states on the spectrum of one through nine, they are the plaything of all possible movements and have no self-control. They are instead allowing outside forces such as a person or a thing to control the avatar known as the human body, self.

This leads to not creating the life they want for themselves because they live through reaction. The reaction from these outside forces creates your life through cause and effect. Rather than intentionally creating the life that you want.

Quite literally if you're allowing other people or things to determine your actions, doesn't that mean that they're the ones that are creating your life and how you live it, therefore what you get out of it.

This is the madness that is being perpetuated through emotional ineptitude where people aren't able to achieve a lot of their goals because they're continuously influenced from the outside. And some aren't even based on truth but are being perpetuated as truth.

These polarities transfer into all aspects of existence, such as male and female which is a confusion that is being perpetuated in the younger generations. To not be truthful about the polarities in which we live is to lead to confusion and not knowing the truth of things, so living in fantasy creates a lot of dis-ease because their fantasy can't truly be lived out truthfully. Even if one keeps pretending because there's an attachment to it in grasping or rejecting, rather than accepting oneself in the truth of what is.

Emotional intelligence is vital for mental stability and health. As well as for our species to evolve rather than devolve.

The polarities, truth, and accountability to all life are educational tools on this journey to emotional intelligence and mental wellness.

The stillness of mind from stepping outside of the polarities into the neutral state of equanimity within oneself is the avenue to reach higher states of awareness, which leads to a form of enlightenment, from the en lightening(letting go) of mental disturbances which brings you into a form of an enlightened state of being. No longer led through reaction by the carrot dangling on a stick by emotional states. Being able to be intentful in all thoughts, words, and actions.

Developing emotional intelligence is how we are the change that we wish to see in the world. Therefore, creating the world through accountability and intent.

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