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The relationship between emoting, willpower and the three pillars

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The three pillars are the energy streams bringing in and taking away life energy, connecting from the sea of consciousness, and streaming energy into the physical body to the 108 ports connecting the spirit body to the physical body, allowing the spirit body to experience the physical body and interact with the material world.

The connection is vital, the journey intending to release that which you are not, to become that which you are.

The Tree of Life through which the Divine manifests creation is found in Jewish mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Germanic paganism, Norse mythology, Islam, Christianity and Catholicism.

In Judaism's Kabbalah, it is named Etz Chaim, Hebrew for Tree of Life, and in the Norse religion it is Yggdrasil. The Druids called it Crann Bethadh, and in Islam’s Quran, it is the Tree of Immortality, and in Hinduism Kalpavriksha.

So, it’s not new! Many different tribes around the globe also have different names for it and recognize it as an essential area of knowledge to reach fulfilment. English and Chinese Alchemists identified the Tree of Life with the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher's Stone.

Assembled, what this all means is that what so many feel they have been ‘missing’, longing for, seeking, searching out, driving toward—and the dearth of which makes many depressed, unhappy, lacking in goals and bitter—has been residing within themselves the whole time.

This is the River of Life. You are already a part of the Tree of Life, connected to and feeding from the River of Life.

For each pillar on the Tree of Life, we have one positive pillar, one negative pillar and one neutral center pillar: Creation/Life, Destruction/Death and Harmony/River of Source.

● Middle Pillar - Pillar of balance-harmony, organizing. The central pillar is the neutral pole of the Tree, the primary energy stream feeding the left and right pillars

● Left Pillar - Pillar of severity-destruction. The feminine pillar is the negative pole of the Tree. The negative stream is the pulse of life.

● Right Pillar - Pillar of mercy-creation, generating. The masculine pillar is the positive pole of the Tree.

Generating, Organizing, Destroying, GOD

The pillars are a diagrammatic representation of the three forces of all life: positive +, negative - and neutral 0.

In Christianity, the Tree of Life first appears in Genesis 2:9 and 3:22-24 as the source of eternal life in the Garden of Eden, from which access is revoked when man and woman are driven out. It then reappears in the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, and most predominantly in the last chapter of that book (Chapter 22) as a part of the new garden of paradise. Access is then no longer forbidden, for those who ‘wash their robes,’ (or as the textual variant in the King James Version has it, ‘they that do his commandments,’) ‘have right to the Tree of Life.’ (v.14)

A similar statement appears in Rev 2:7, where the Tree of Life is promised as a reward to those who overcome. Revelation 22 begins with a reference, ‘Pure river of water of life, which proceeds out of the throne of God. The river seems to feed two trees of life, one on either side of the river which bear twelve manners of fruits and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.’

The human body is the temple in which the ‘pure river of water of life,’ proceeds ‘out of the throne of God.’ The river seems to feed two trees of life, one ‘on either side of the river,’ which ‘bear twelve manners of fruits.’

Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

~ Luke 17:21

The main river of energy feeds the energy ‘streams’. The main river of energy consists of the main chakras lined down the center of the body, then feeding the two branches (trees), the right and left hemispheres of the body and brain.

The manners of the twelve fruits are the twelve central systems of the body including those of the main organs. The reference of the robe to be washed is the energetic body draped by the physical body, creating a veil. The defilements and attachment of the 108 states of ego are what need washing from the robe, the spirit (energetic body). It is saying, those that do the work to atone, cleansing their spirit body, will be granted full access to the garden.

In the secret cave of the heart, two are seated by life's fountain.

The separate ego drinks of the sweet and bitter stuff,

Liking the sweet, disliking the bitter,

While the supreme Self drinks sweet and bitter

Neither liking this nor disliking that.

The ego gropes in darkness, while the Self lives in light.

~ The Upanishads

The goal of Buddhism is to create Buddhas, not Buddhists, as the goal of Christianity is to create Christs, not Christians.

.~ Adyashanti

The Bible is a manual about physiological regeneration and astrology, written in code (Gematria), providing us a path to enlightenment (atonement). 99% of the people believe the Bible is a historical book to be taken literally. It’s not, it’s about you and YOUR path to enlightenment. You are the Protagonist. No one’s coming to save you. All of these parables were written about and for you.


If you are looking to clear these energy highways, accountability is crucial, as we are electromagnetic beings, magnetically attracting from our emotional state of being (our emotional magnetic marker). In practicing integrity in life, we are learning to blend the mind, body, and spirit with that of our thoughts, words, and deeds. We are no longer accepting what our base instincts drive us toward but are exercising discernment based on the values of the higher self.

In our minds and bodies rages a battle of good and evil, ego and awareness, material and non-material. We each fight a war within us, reflecting the outward state of the whole. We are each responsible for our roles in this war. This is the importance of free will and willpower. Remember, you are accountable for your actions or inactions even if there is a demon on your shoulder acting as protagonist. Each person on a path of self-awareness must take account of their own actions in the world, rather than passing it off on others, or expecting to be exempt from the work they must do for themselves. Whether you choose to be accountable or not, the law of karma (‘cause and effect’) is set into motion with every positive, negative, or neutral action. In other words, each choice has corresponding effects.

We can look at it like this:

Inside your body is a soul like a small child you need to defend. To protect and strengthen the soul, you must defend it against the bullies (protagonists) that are the spirits of the 108. These spirits use bullying tactics and can exert antagonistic energies, peer pressures from internal to external means. The more peer pressure you cave into, the more you stunt your soul's growth and, instead, feed the growth of the emotional entities over time, creating a form of emotional ineptitude. The entities become stronger and harder to resist as your soul becomes weaker each time you cave. This is why you may want to learn about and develop strong willpower, along with fortitude and resolve.

First, let us define willpower:

1) Attention placed and directed.

2) Control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

3) The trait of resolutely controlling your behavior.

‘Will’ is the representation that my nervous system at any level of its functioning has raised a motive to an intention. It has committed to a particular kind of goal that gets integrated into the story of myself, this protocol that I experience as myself in this world. And that was what I experienced as will, as a willed decision, and this decision is free in as much as this decision can be influenced by discourse. So to me, free will is a social notion. It means that this interface of social interaction, of discourse, of thinking about things, about this interface of knowledge, language, conceptual thought, is relevant for that decision. ~ Dr. Joscha Bach

Most of our negative habits evolve as a result of laziness, of finding the shortest route to where we wish to be, underpinned by little willpower and no drive to change the status quo into a more positive modus operandi. We tend to live on autopilot with no purpose, drifting day to day, just getting by, making do, taking it as it comes, taking it easy, resting on our laurels, and so on. You see how many phrases are in the English language to convey this mode of living?

That says it all.

In a world in which this kind of aimless slothfulness is absent, language would not evolve to increasingly cater for it! Language evolves to meet the needs of the populace using it. Thus, the Norwegians have many words for snow.

Some may ask, ‘Why don't we see these spirits with our naked eyes?’ We do not see the air we breathe, but it still exists and interacts with us. The earth's gravity and the moon phases create ocean tides that are also unseen forces, yet their effects are observable. The flu and cold bugs are unseen, but real enough to make you sick. These spirits are typically unseen parasites, though most can sense and perceive them, even if they are unaware.

Without addressing these energetic attachments, the physical and spiritual bodies will continue to weaken, and some of these entities may even get you to surrender your willpower by giving up on life and no longer wanting to participate. Spiritual withdrawal is the helpless state to which they wish to drive you, which would grant them full access to the ‘driver’s seat’ of your ‘vehicle’, able to take over the physical body.

These entities give off unique vibrational frequencies that are perceptible; we know it even when it is another person or animal experiencing it. A good example is when you walk into a room and feel a heavy weight, tension, or thickness in the air, only to learn that an argument recently ensued in that same space. ‘You could cut the air with a knife’ is a common saying.

This density occurs because of the entities and their projection of low vibrational energy from the exchange from the people who just argued. Often, they are passing the entities back and forth between one another, leaving behind that energetic residue. We have the psychological equipment to sense this energy, often referred to as being empathic, which all beings are.

We sense this energy through others emoting as this is our first physical language. It is an outward display of emotion, whether true or false. Those who ‘wear their heart on their sleeve,’ are emoting in that action and projecting emotions at others.

Without this innate ability, we would not be able to demonstrate our needs before we are able to access verbal communication. Later in life, as we mature, we have learned that emoting can be used as a tool to achieve goals. When words sometimes fail, emoting backs us up.

We can emote consciously or unconsciously, similarly to the variants of the psychic vampires discussed in an earlier chapter, thus making it a nonverbal emotional form of communication.

Why do we emote?

We emote in an attempt to connect to another in a way that words alone could not or were not achieving, to trigger a return of emotional response for whatever form of manipulation or validation. As such, you could say it is a ‘trick up the sleeve’ of manipulators especially—though people do not always emote with manipulative intent, even if this happens to be the outcome more often than not.

Emoting is, in part, a leak of energy; emotions are energy and we are energetic beings. Finding these leaks and sealing them so we do not waste our energy is a part of strengthening the energetic body. Since energy is the only currency that matters after death, it is wise to learn to conserve and not spend energetic currency frivolously.


Excepts from ~ The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within

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