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Duality and the Polarities

987654321 - 0 + 123456789 The polarities are a key of the unlocking the great mysteries of existence. The plus and minus are the polarities, with the one through nine in either direction the varying degrees of their polarity. Such as positive and negative, light and dark, good and evil, grasping and rejection, male and female, up and down, in and out, pleasure and displeasure, hot and cold, etc. I believe most of us have heard, when God created light he saw light was good and he divided it from darkness. Most biblical texts talk often about the right hand side of God, but leave out the left hand side. If you view the polarities like I have displayed in this numbering system with the plus and minus, left is the negative polarity and the right the positive polarity. Leaning to the left is the left hand side of God. Leaning to the right is the right hand side of God.

Zero is the throne of God. The two are not separate, but one divided. Undivide to see the whole. Neither lean to the left, nor the right in the polarities to find neutrality in order to sit with God. This is the state of equanimity, the God state. To be one with the singular eye "I", the we consciousness. The darkness within each of us is simply that which that has yet to be illuminated. You must understand your dark side as well as the light to be whole. You can be only as light as the darkness you have faced and illuminated! There's a field between right and wrong, I'll meet you there. ~ Malakhiyah

Illustration from The Dark Kingdom 108 Monsters Within - A key to the Kingdom

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